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Is this proof of alien life?

Guest Dragutin

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Guest Dragutin

I stumbled across this. I've transcribed most of it for easy reading. Some parts are extremely disturbing. Seems like the government has known about 2 species of extraterrestrials for a long time! Check it out!



Section I. Project purpose and goals


Section I. General

II. Definition and data


Section I. Security

II. Technology recovery


Section I. Handling upon receipt of material


Section I. Living organisms

II. Non-living organisms


Section I. UFOB guide

II. Identification criteria

III. Possible origins


Appendix Ia. FORMS






1. Scope

This manual has been prepared especially for Majestic--12 units. It's purpose is to present all aspects of Majestic-12 so authorized personnel will have a better understanding of the goals of the Group, be able to more expertly deal with Unidentified Flying Objects, Extraterrestrial Technology and Entities, and increase the efficiency of future operations.

2. General

MJ--12 takes the subject of UFOBs, Extraterrestrial Technology, and Extraterrestrial Biological Entities very seriously and considers the entire subject to be a matter of the highest national security. For that reason everything relating to the subject as been assigned the very highest security classification. Three main points will be covered in this section.

a. The general aspects of MJ--12 to clear up any misconceptions that anyone may have.

b. The importance of the operations.

c. The need for absolute secrecy in all phases of operation.

3. Security Classification

All information relating to MJ--12 has been classified MAJIC EYES ONLY and carries a security level 2 points above that of Top Secret. The reason for this has to do with the consequences that may arise not only from the impact upon the public should the existence3 of such matters become general knowledge, but also the danger of having such advanced technology as that been recovered by the Air Force all into the hands of unfriendly foreign persons. No information is released to the public press and the official government position is that no special group such as MJ--12 exists.

4. History of the Group

Operation Majestic--12 was established by special classified presidential order on 24 September 1947 at the recommendation of Secretary of Defense James V. Forrestal and Dr. Vannevar Bush, Chairman of the Joint Research and Development Board. Operations are carried out under a Top Secret Research and Development - Intelligence Group directly responsible only to the President of the United States. The goals of the MJ-12 Group

are as follows:

a. The recovery for scientific study of all materials and devices of a foreign or extraterrestrial manufacture that may become available. Such material and devices will be recovered by any and all means deemed necessary by the Group.

b. The recovery for scientific study of all entities and remains of entities not of terrestrial origin which may become available through independent action by those entities or by misfortune or military action.

c. The establishment and administration of Special Teams to accomplish the above operations.

d. The establishment and administration of special secure facilities located at secret locations within the continental borders of the United States for the receiving, processing, analysis, and scientific study of any and all material and entities classified as being of extraterrestrial origin by the Group or the Special Teams.

e. Establishment and administration of covert operations to be carried out in concert with Central Intelligence to effect the recovery for the United States of extraterrestrial technology and entities which may come down inside the territory of or fall into the possession of foreign powers.

f. The establishment and maintenance of absolute top secrecy concerning all the above operations.

5. Current Situation

It is considered as far as the current situation is concerned, that there are few indications that these objects and their builders pose a direct threat to the security of the United States, despite the uncertainty as to their ultimate motives on coming here. Certainly the technology possessed by these beings far surpasses anything known to modern science, yet their presence here appears to be benign, and they seem to be avoiding contact with our species, at least for the present. Several dead entities have been recovered along with a substantial amount of wreckage and devices from downed craft all of which are now under study at various locations. No attempt has been made by extraterrestrial entities either to contact authorities or to recover their dead counterparts or the downed craft, even though one of the crashes was the result of direct military action. The greatest thread at this time arises from the acquisition and study of such advanced technology by foreign powers unfriendly to the United States. It is for this reason that the recovery and study of this type of material by the United States has been given such a high priority.



Section I. GENERAL

6. Scope

a. This operations manual is published for the information and guidance of all concerned. It contains information on determination, documentation, collection and disposition of debris, devices, craft, and occupants of such craft as defined as Extraterrestrial Technology or Extraterrestrial Biological Entities EBEs in Section II of this chapter.

b. Appendix 1-1a contain a list of current references, including technical manuals and other available publications applicable to these operations.

c. Appendix II contains a list of personnel who comprise the Majestic--12 Group.

7. Forms and Records

Forms used for reporting operations are listed in Appendix I.


8. General.

Extraterrestrial Technology is defined as follows:

a. Aircraft identified as not manufactured in the United States or any terrestrial foreign power, including experimental military or civilian aircraft. Aircraft in this category are generally known as Unidentified Flying Objects UFOBs. Such aircraft may appear as one of several shapes and configurations and exhibit extraordinary flight characteristics.

b. Objects and devices of unknown origin or function, manufactured by processes of all materials not consistent with current technology or scientific knowledge.

c. Wreckage of any aircraft thought to be extraterrestrial manufacture or origin. Such wreckage may be the result of accidents or military action.

d. Materials that exhibit unusual or extraordinary characteristics not consistent with current technology or scientific knowledge.

Extraterrestrial Biological Entities (EBEs) are described as:

a. Creatures, humanoid or otherwise, whose evolutionary process responsible for their development is demonstrably different from those postulated or observed homo sapiens.

9. Description of Craft

Documented extraterrestrial craft (UFOBs) are classified in one of four categories based on general shape, as follows:

a. Elliptical, or disc shape. This type of craft is of a metallic construction and dull aluminum in color. They have the appearance of two pie-pans or shallow dishes pressed together and may have a raised dome on the top or bottom. No seams or joints are visible on the surface, giving the impression of one-piece construction. Discs are estimated from 50-300 feet in diameter and the thickness is approximately 15 per cent of the diameter, not including the dome, which is 30 per cent of the disc diameter and extends another 4-6 feed above the main body of the disc. The dome may or may not include windows or ports, and ports are present around the lower rim of the disc in some instances. Most disc shaped craft are equipped with lights on the top and bottom, and also around the rim. These lights are not visible when the craft is at rest or not functioning. There are three extendible legs ending in circular landing pads. When fully extended this landing gear supports the main body 2-3 feed above the surface at the low point. A rectangular hatch is located along the equator or on the lower surface of the disc.

b. Fuselage or cigar shape. Documented reports of this type of craft are extremely rare. Air Force radar reports indicate they are approximately 2 thousand feet long and 95 feet thick, and apparently they do not operate in the lower atmosphere. Very little information is available on the performance of these craft, but radar reports have indicated speeds in excess of 1,000 miles per hour. They do not appear to engage in the violent and erratic maneuvers associated with the smaller types.

c. Ovoid or circular shape. This type of craft is described as being shaped like an ice cream cone, being rounded at the large end and tapering to a neat-point at the other end. They are approximately 30-40 feet long and the thick end diameter is approximately 20 per cent of the length. There is an extremely bright light at the pointed end. and this craft usually travels point down. They can appear to be any shape from round to cylindrical, depending upon the angle of observation. Often sightings of this type of craft are elliptical craft seen an inclined angle or edge-on.

d. Airfoil or triangular shape. This craft is believed to be new technology due to the rarity and recency of the observations. Radar indicates an isosceles triangle profile, the longest side being nearly 300 feet in length. Little is known about the performance of these craft due to the rarity of good sightings, but they are believed capable of high speeds and abrupt maneuvers similar to or exceeding the performance attributed to types "a" and "c".

10. Description of Extraterrestrial Biological Entities (EBEs)

Examination of remains recovered from wreckage of UFOBs indicates that Extraterrestrial Biological Entities may be classified into tow distinct categories as follows:

a. EBE Type I. These entities are humanoid and might be mistaken for human beings of the Oriental race if seen from a distance. They are bi-pedal, 5-5 feet 4 inches in height and weight 80-100 pounds. Proportionally they are similar to humans, although the cranium is somewhat larger and more rounded. The skin is a pale, chalky-yellow in color, thick, and slightly pebbled in appearance. The eyes are small, wide-set, almond-shaped, with brownish-black irises with very large pupils. The whites of the eyes are not like that of humans, but have a pale gray cast. The ears are small and set low on the skull. The nose is thin and long, and the mouth is wider than in humans, and nearly lipless. There are no apparent facial hair and very little body hair, that being very fine and confined to the underarm and the groin area. The body is thin and without apparent body fat, but the muscles are well-developed. The hands are small, with four long digits but no opposable thumb. The outside digit is jointed in a manner as to be nearly opposable and there is no webbing between the fingers as in humans. The legs are slightly but noticeably bowed, and the feet are somewhat splayed and proportionally large.

b. EBE Type II. These entities are humanoid but different from Type I in many respects. They are bi-pedal, 3 feet 5 inches - 4 feet 2 inches in height and weigh 25-50 pounds. Proportionally, the head is much larger than humans or Type 1 EBEs, the cranium being much larger and elongated. The eyes are very large, slanted, and nearly wrap around the side of the skull. They are black with no whites showing. There is no noticeable brow ridge, and the skull has a slight peak that runs over the crown. The nose consists of two small slits which sit high above the slit-like mouth. There are no external ears. The skin is a pale bluish-gray color, being somewhat darker on the back of the creature, and is very smooth and fine-celled. There is no hair on either the face or the body, and these creatures do not appear to be mammalian. The arms are long in proportion to the legs, and the hands have three long, tapering fingers and a thumb which is nearly as long as the fingers. The second finger is thicker than the others, but not as long as the index finger. The feet are small and narrow, and four toes are joined together with a membrane.

It is not definitely know where either type of creature originates, but is seems certain that they did not evolve on earth. It is further evident, although not certain, that they may have originated on two different planets.

11. Description of Extraterrestrial Technology

The following information is from preliminary analysis reports of wreckage collected from crash sites of extraterrestrial craft 1947-1953, excerpts from which are quoted verbatim to provide guidance as to the type and characteristics of material that might be encountered in future recovery operations.

a. Initial analysis of the debris from the crash site seems to indicate that the debris is that of an extraterrestrial craft which exploded from within and came into contact with the ground with great force, completely destroying the craft. The volume of matter indicates that the craft was approximately the size of a medium aircraft, although the weight of the debris indicates that the craft was extremely light for its size.

b. Metallurgical analysis of the bulk of the debris recovered indicates that the samples are not composed of any materials currently known to Terrestrial science.

c. The material tested possesses great strength and resistance to heat in proportion to its weight and size, being stronger by far than any materials used in military or civilian aircraft at present.

d. Much of the material, having the appearance of aluminum foil or aluminum-magnesium sheeting, displays none of the characteristics of either metal, resembling instead some kind of unknown plastic like material.

e. Solid structures and substantial beams having a distinct similarity in appearance to very dense grain-free wood, was very light in weight and possessed tensile and compression strength not obtainable by any means known to modern industry.

f. None of the material tested displayed measurable magnetic characteristics or residual radiation.

g. Several samples were engraved or embossed with marks and patterns. These patterns were not readily identifiable and attempts to decipher their meaning have been largely unsuccessful.

h. Examination of several apparent mechanical devices, gears, etc. revealed little or nothing of their functions or methods of manufacture.




12. Press Blackout

Great care must be taken to preserve the security of any location where Extraterrestrial Technology might be retrievable for scientific study. Extreme measures must be taken to protect and preserve any material or craft from discovery, examination, or removal by civilian agencies or individuals of the general public. It is therefore recommended that a total press blackout be initiated whenever possible. If this course of action should not prove feasible, the following cover stories are suggested for release to the press. The officer in charge will act quickly to select the cover story that best fits the situation. It should be remembered when selecting a cover story that official policy regarding UFOBs is that they do not exist.

a. Official Denial. The most desirable response would be that nothing unusual has occurred. By stating that the government has no knowledge of the event, further investigation by the public press may be forestalled.

b. Discredit Witnesses. If at all possible, witnesses will be held incommunicado until the extent of their knowledge and involvement can be determined. Witnesses will be discouraged from talking about what they have seen, and intimidation may be necessary to ensure their cooperation. If witnesses have already contacted the press, it will be necessary to discredit their stories. This can best be done by the assertion that they have either misinterpreted natural events, are the victims of hysteria or hallucinations, or are the perpetrators of hoaxes.

c. Desceptive Statements. It may become necessary to issue false statements to preserve the security of the site. Meteors, downed satellites, weather balloons, and military aircraft are all acceptable alternatives, although in the case of the downed military aircraft statement care should be exercised not to suggest that the aircraft might be experimental or secret. As this might arouse more curiosity of both the American and the foreign press. Statements issued concerning contamination of the area due to toxic spills from trucks or railroad tankers can also server to keep unauthorized or undesirable personnel away from the area.

13. Secure the Area.

The area must be secured as rapidly as possible to keep unauthorized personnel from infiltrating the site. The office in charge will set up a perimeter and establish a command post inside the perimeter. Personnel allowed

at the site will be kept to the absolute minimum necessary to prepare the craft and debris for transport, and will consist of Military Security Forces. The local authorities may be pressed into service as traffic and crowd control. Under no circumstances will local officials or law enforcement personnel be allowed inside the perimeter and all necessary precautions should be taken to ensure that they do not interfere with the operations.

a. Protection. It is desirable that sufficient military personnel be utilized to set up a perimeter around the site large enough to keep both unauthorized personnel and the perimeter personnel from seeing the site. Once the site is secured, regular patrols will be set up along the perimeter to ensure complete security and electronic surveillance will be utilized to augment security. Perimeter personal will be equipped with hand communication and automatic weapons with live ammunition. Personnel working at the site will carry sidearms. No unauthorized personnel will be allowed into the perimeter.

b. Command Post. Ideally, the command post should be as close to the site as is practical to efficiently coordinate operations. As soon as the command post is operational, contact with the Majestic--12 Group will be established with secure communications.

c. Area Sweep. The site and the surrounding area will be cleared of all unauthorized personnel. Witnesses will be debriefed and detained for an examination by MJ--12. Under no circumstances will witnesses be released from custody until their stories have been evaluated by MJ--12 and they have been thoroughly debriefed.

d. Preliminary Evaluation. A preliminary evaluation of the situation will be completed and a preliminary report prepared. The MJ--12 Group will then be briefed on the situation at the earliest possible opportunity. The MJ--12 Group will then make a determination as to whether or not a MJ--12 RED TEAM or OPNAC TEAM will be dispatched to the area.


14. Removal and Transport

As early as communication is established, removal and transport of all material will commence under orders from MJ--12.

a. Documentation. If the situation permits, care should be taken to document the area with photographs before anything is removed. The area will be checked for radiation and other toxic agents. If the area cannot be kept secure for an extended period of time, all material must be packed and transported as quickly as possible to the nearest secure military facility. This will be accomplished by covered transport using little traveled roads whenever possible.

b. Complete or Functional Craft. Craft are to be approached with extreme caution if they appear functional, as serious injury may result from exposure

to radiation and electrical discharges. If the craft is functioning, but appears to be abandoned, it may be approached only by specially trained MJ--12 RED TEAM personnel wearing protective clothing. Any device that seems to be functioning should also be left to MJ--12 RED TEAM disposal. Complete craft and parts of crafts too large to be transported by covered transport will be disassembled, if this can be accomplished easily and quickly. If they must be transported whole, or on open flatbed trailers, they will be covered in such a manner as to camouflage their shape.

c. Extraterrestrial Biological Entities. EBEs must be removed to a top security facility as quickly as possible. Great care should be taken to prevent possible contamination by alien biological agents. Dead EBEs should be packed in ice at the earliest opportunity to preserve tissues. Should live EBEs be encountered, they should be taken into custody and removed to a top security facility by ambulance. Every effort should be taken to ensure the EBEs survival. Personnel involvement with EBEs alive or dead must be kept to an absolute minimum. (See Chapter 5 for more detailed information on dealing with EBEs).

15. Cleansing the Area

Once all material has been removed from the secured site, the immediate area will be thoroughly inspected to make sure that all traces of Extraterrestrial Technology have been removed. In the case of a crash, the surrounding area will be thoroughly gone over several times to ensure that nothing has been overlooked. The search area involved may vary according to local conditions, at the discretion of the officer in charge. When the officer in charge is satisfied that no further evidence of the evidence of the event remains at the site, it may be evacuated.

16. Special or Unusual Conditions

The possibility exists that extraterrestrial craft may land or crash in heavily populated areas, where security cannot be maintained or when large segments of the population and the public press may witness these events. Contingency Plan MJ-1949-04P/78 (TOP SECRET - EYES ONLY) should be held in readiness should the need to make a public disclosure become necessary.

1 Aircraft - Intact, operational, or semi-intact aircraft of Extraterrestrial design and manufacture - UA-002-6 Area 52 S-4

2 Intact device - Any mechanical or electronic device or machine which appears to be undamaged and functional - ID-301-F Area 51 S-4

3 Damaged device - Any mechanical or electronic device or machine which appears to be damaged but mostly complete - DD - 303-N - Area 51 S-4

4 Powerplant - Devices and machines or fragments which are possible propulsion units, fuel, and associated control devices and patches - PD-40-SG - Area 51 S-4

5 Identified fragments - Fragments composed of e3lements or materials easily recognized as known as current science and technology, i.e.: aluminum, magnesium, plastic, etc. - IF - 101-X -- Area 51 S-4

6 Unidentified fragments - Fragments composed of elements or materials not known to current science and technology and which exhibit unusual or extraordinary characteristics - UF -103-M - Area 51 S-4

7 Supplies and provisions - Non-mechanical or non-electronic materials of a support nature such as clothing, personal belongings, organic ingestibles, etc. - SP-331 -- Blue Lab WP-61

8 Living entity - Living non-human organisms in apparent good or reasonable health -- EBE-101 - OPNAC EBS-01

9 Non-living entity - Deceased non-human organism or portions of organisms, organic remains and other suspect organic matter - EBE-XO -- Blue Lab WP-61

10 Media - Printed matter, electronic recordings, maps, charts, photographs and files - MM-34A - Building 21 KH-88

11 Weapons - any device or portion of a device thought to be offensive or defensive weaponry - WW-010 - Area 51 S-4

In a <???> catalogue in adding to present investment of the <???>. The data is sealed with gummed Kraft tape. MJ Form 3-097 is placed in a plain manila envelope marked "MAJIC--12 ACCESS NLY" and is firmly <???> to the top of the box. The box is then cushioned at each corner and at the tope and bottom with fiberboard inserts and is placed within a larger entrusted fiberboard box. The entire outer box <???> is sealed with gummed Kraft tape. A label is affixed to the outer box bearing the following information and destination, shipping code number, and the warning. "MAJIC--12 ACCESS ONLY".

a. Overseas Shipment. Items are packaged as described above except that desiccant and a humidity indicator are included within the inner entrusted fiberboard box. Next, the box is wrapped in a moisture-waterproof carrier and heat sealed. Then, packaged items are placed within a second waterproof carton sealed with waterproof tape. This second carton is marked "MAJIC--12 ACCESS ONLY" on all sides and is placed within a larger grease-proof lined wooden shipping container. The lining is sealed with waterproof tape and the wooden shipping container is screwed shut. The shipping container is reinforced further by nailing to ?/8 inch metal snaps about 8 inches from each end. Shipping information is then stenciled on the surface of the wooden shipping container..

Note. The packaging and packing procedure detailed above applies to non-organic items only. Data for the handling, packing, and shipping of organic matter and non-living entities is provided in Chapter 5, Section II of this manual.




17. Uncrating, Unpacking, and Checking (fig.3)

Note. The unscrewing, unpacking, and checking procedure for containers marked "MAJIC--12 ACCESS ONLY" will be carried out by personnel with MJ--12 <???>. Containers marked in this manner will be placed in storage in a top security <???> until which time as authorized personnel are available for these procedures.

a. Be very careful when uncrating and unpacking the material. Avoid thrusting tools into the interior of the shipping container. Do not damage the packaging materials any more than is absolutely necessary to remove the specimens, those materials may be required for future packaging. Stow the interior packaging materials within the shipping container. When uncrating and unpacking the specimens, follow the procedure in (1) through (11) below:

(1) Unpack the specimens in a top security area to prevent access of unauthorized personnel.

(2) Cut the metal wires with a suitable cutting tool, or twist them with pliers until the straps crystallize and break.

(3) Remove screws from the top of the shipping container with a screw driver.

(4) Cut the tape and seals of the case liner so that the waterproof paper will be damaged as little as possible.

(5) Lift out the packaged specimens from the wooden case.

(6) Cut the tape which seals the top flaps of the outer cartons; be careful not to damage the cartons.

(7) Cut the barrier along the top heat sealed seam and carefully remove the inner carton.

(8) Remove the sealed manila envelope from the top of the inner carton.

(9) Open the inner carton and remove the fiberboard inserts, desiccant, and humidity indicator.

(10) Lift out the heat sealed packaging containing the specimens; arrange them in an orderly manner for inspection.

(11) Place all packaging material in the shipping container for use in future repacking.

b. Thoroughly check all items against the shipping documents. Carefully

inspect all items for possible damage during shipping or handling. Sort the items according to classification number in preparation for transfer to the designated laboratory or department. Laboratory or department personnel are responsible for transporting items to the designated areas. This will be accomplished as quickly as possible by covered transport escorted by security personnel.




1. Scope

a. This section deals with encounters with living Extraterrestrial Biological Entities (EBEs). Such encounters fall under the jurisdiction of MJ--12 OPNAC BBS--01 and will be dealt with by this special unit only. This section details the responsibilities of persons or units making the initial contact.

2. General

Any encounter with entities known to be of extraterrestrial origin is to be considered to be a matter of national security and therefore classified TOP SECRET. Under no circumstance is the general public or the public press to learn of the existence of these entities. The official government policy is that such creatures do not exist, and that no agency of the federal government is now engaged in any study of extraterrestrial or their artifacts. Any deviation from this stated policy is absolutely forbidden.

3. Encounters

Encounters with EBEs may be classified according to one of the following categories:

a. Encounters initiated by EBEs. Possible contact may take place as the result of overtures by the entities themselves. In these instances it is anticipated that encounters will take place at military installations or other secure locations selected by mutual agreement. Such meetings would have the advantage of being limited to personnel with appropriate clearance, away from public scrutiny. Although it is not considered very probable, there also exists the possibility that EBEs may land in public places without prior notice. In this case the OPNAC Team will formulate cover stories for the press and prepare briefings for the President and the Chiefs of Staff.

b. Encounters as the result of downed craft. Contact with survivors of accidents or craft downed by natural events or military action may occur with little or no warning. In these cases, it is important that the initial contact be limited to military personnel to preserve security. Civilian witnesses in the area will be detained and debriefed by MJ--12. Contact with EBEs by military personnel not having MJ-12 or OPNAC clearance is to be briefly limited to action necessary to ensure the availability of the EBEs for study by the OPNAC Team.

4. Isolation and Custody

a. EBEs will be detained by whatever means are necessary and removed to a secure location as soon as possible. Precautions will be taken by personnel coming in contact with EBEs to minimize the risk of disease as a result of contamination by unknown organisms. If the entities are wearing space suits or breathing apparatus of some kind, care should be exercised to prevent damage to these devices. While all efforts would be take to assure the well-being of the EBEs, they must be isolated from any contact with unauthorized personnel. While it is not clear what provisions or amenities might be required by non-human entities, they should be provided if possible.

b. The officer in charge of the operation will make these determinations, no guidelines exist to cover this area.

c. Injured or wounded entities will be treated by medical personnel assigned to the OPNAC Team. If the team medical personnel are not immediately available, First Aid will be administered by Medical Corps personnel at the initial site. Since little is known about EBE biological functions, it is to be confined to the stopping of bleeding, bandaging of wounds and splinting of broken limbs. No medications of any kind are to be administered as the effects of terrestrial medications on non-human biological systems are impossible to predict. As soon as the injuries are considered stabilized, the EBEs will be moved by closed ambulance or other suitable conveyance to a secure location.

d. In dealing with any living Extraterrestrial Biological Entity, security is of paramount importance. All other considerations are secondary. Although it is preferable to maintain the physical well-being of any entity, the loss of EBE life is considered acceptable if conditions or delays to preserve that life in any way compromises the security of the operations.

f. Once the OPNAC Team has taken custody of the EBEs, their care and transportation to designated facilities becomes the responsibility of OPNAC personnel. Every cooperation will be extended to the team in carrying out their duties. OPNAC Team personnel will be given TOP PRIORITY at all times regardless of their apparent rank or status. No persons has the authority to interfere with the OPNAC Team in the performance of its duties by special direction of the President of the United States.


1. Scope

Ideally, retrieval for scientific study of cadavers and other biological remains will be carried out by medical personnel familiar with this type of procedure. Because of the security considerations, such collection may need to be done by non-medical personnel. This section will provide guidance for retrieval, preservation, and removal of cadavers and remains in the field.

6. Retrieval and Preservation.

a. The degree of decomposition of organic remains will vary depending on the length of time the remains have been lying in the open unprotected and may be accelerated by both local weather conditions and action by predators. Therefore, biological specimens will be removed from the crash site as quickly as possible to preserve the remains in as good condition as possible. A photographic record will be made of all remains before they are removed from the site.

b. Personnel involved in this type of operation will take all reasonable precautions to minimize physical contact with the cadavers or remains being retrieved. Surgical gloves should be worn or, if they are not available, wool or leather gloves may be worn provided they are collected for decontamination immediately after use. Shovels and entrenching tools may be employed to handle remains provided caution is exercised to be certain no damage is done to the remains. Remains will be touched by bare hands only if no other means of moving them can be found. All personnel and equipment involved in recovery operations are have been completed.

c. Remains will be preserved against further decomposition as equipment and conditions permit. Cadavers and remains will be bagged or securely wrapped in waterproof coverings. Tarpaulins or foul weather gear may be used for this purpose if necessary. Remains will be refrigerated or packed with ice if available. All remains will be tagged or labeled and the time and date recorded. Wrapped remains will be place3d on stretchers or in sealed containers for immediate removal to a secure facility.

d. Small detached pieces and material scraped from solid surfaces will be put in jars or other small capped containers if available Containers will be clearly marked as to their contents and the time and date recorded. Containers will be refrigerated or packed with ice as soon as possible and removed to a secure facility.




1. Follow-up Investigations

A <???> report is worthy of follow-up investigation when it contains information to suggest that a positive identification with a well known phenomena can be possible or when it characterizes an unusual phenomenon. The report would suggest almost immediately, largely by the observations and <???> of the data that there is something of identification and/or scientific value. In general, reports which should be given consideration are those which involve several reliable observers, together or separately, and which specific sightings of greater duration that the party reports. Exception could be made to this when circumstances attending the report are considered to be extraordinary. Special attention should be given to reports which are positive to a "fix" on the position and to those reports involving unusual trajectories.

2. Rules of Thumb

Every UFOB case should be judged individually but there are a number of "rules of thumb", under each of the following headings, which should prove useful in determining the necessity for follow-up investigation.

a. Duration of Sighting. When the duration of a sighting is less than 15 seconds the probabilities are great that it is not worthy of follow-up. As a word of caution, however, should a large number of individual observers can point out an unusual sighting of a few seconds duration, it should not be dismissed.

b. Number of Persons Reporting the Sighting. Short duration sightings by single individuals are seldom worthy of follow-up. Two or three competent independent observations carry the weight of 10 or more simultaneous individual observations. As an example, 25 people at one spot may obse4rve a strange light in the sky. This, however, has less weight than two reliable people observing the same light from different locations. In the latter case a position-fix is indicated.

c. Distance from Location of Sightings to Nearest Field Unit. Reports which meet the preliminary criterion stated above should all be investigated if their occurrence is in the immediate operating vicinity of the squadron concerned. For reports involving greater distances, follow-up necessity might be judged as being inversely proportional to the square of the distances concerned. For example, an occurrence 150 miles away might be con-


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Interesting read but I have to ask on question - why worry yourself about it?

The government has been lying to us since its inception back in 1776. Do you really think that they (the govt.) would change?

Wasted effort IMO to worry about this smack. I have physical proof that aliens are living here on earth amongst us. I gots this neighbor that is really out there.... biggrin.gif


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Guest aramike01

I need to ask, what's the date that this was published? I personally think that this is a hoax.


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Dragutin, this is great stuff.. better than the X-Com : UFO Defense Manual! I love it! biggrin.gif

Personally, I believe that the best and most indesputable evidence that there is intelligent life out there is the fact that they have not contacted us.

Think about it... would you?

*im serious about this last part btw*

Edited : (rp) Dang, this also sounds like some of that Earthcom stuff from pre-contact times! *grin* (/rp)

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Hmmm, I believe Majestic 12 was an evil organization in the PC/Mac Game Deus Ex. Recently released too biggrin.gif


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I tend to agree with Mike on this one smile.gif it looks like a hoax.


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I'm not one of those everything is a conspiracy people...but this is a story I heard from a pretty good friend of mine who really had no reason to make it up or lie.

He said that while he was in the military he went to this bar that was in the middle of the desert with a buddy of his. The bar was about 5-15 miles away from their base. Anyway, the guy he was with got really drunk, and said that he was working on a government project and that the government knew about 12 forms of intelligent extraterriterial life. Some of them were hostile some were friendly. He also said they were keeping it secret because if they told people there were aliens that were hostile, but had no way of defending Earth against them there would be a panic.

Anyway, the next morning the guy that told him this was suddenly transferred and disappeared.

Not sure if it's true or not but it makes you wonder.


Commander Bandus

GCV Defiant

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I could swear I posted a diatribe here last night... oh well, here's the short version:

Plausible Deniability

Nothing produced is hard evidence short of a real alien floating in its UFO long enough for everyone to drive by and see it for themselves.


Flt. Cmdr. Akira



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I believe Majestic was the name of the Organization in the Sci/fi show about alien invaders (can't remember the name of it).


Cmdr. Canuck

UCV Iron Fist

I can't go to work today,the voices keep saying

"Stay home and clean the guns!"

Never forget your Battlecruiser was made by the lowest bidder.

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Dude, I think you're referring to "Dark Skies" a short lived TV series that included everyone's favorite busty borg babe, Jeri Ryan. The group that was trying to cover up this alien stuff was called "Majestic". The document above is probably fanfic or something smile.gif



Originally posted by Canuck:

I believe Majestic was the name of the Organization in the Sci/fi show about alien invaders (can't remember the name of it).

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Originally posted by Gryphon:

The document above is probably fanfic or something


Yup,that's what I was thinking.


Cmdr. Canuck

UCV Iron Fist

I can't go to work today,the voices keep saying

"Stay home and clean the guns!"

Never forget your Battlecruiser was made by the lowest bidder.

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I am rather sure this is a hoax. While it is an incompetent, bumbling institution, the government does know how to keep a secret. To think this topic would ever be let to run is proof that the "MiBs" know what they're doing.

See, I got this theory... smile.gif

All this UFO stuff is actually SPREAD by the government, to draw attention away from the REALLY secret stuff, like...well, I don't know! It's secret! smile.gif

I agree with Tac. I can't see any reason for a extremly advanced species to be intrested in this dirtball, unless it wanted to research or exploit us. Either of these would be impossible to do without our noticing or with us unable to notice, an all-or-nothing deal.

And I do think there is extra-terrestial intelligence, if for no other reason than the galaxy is so damn big.

Yes, I remember MJ-12...my Deus Ex is a fun title! biggrin.gif

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was JUST playing Deus Ex then I come here and read this...imagine my surprise.

Those docs can't possibly be real (for those of you who believe otherwise) since any organization operating under that level of secrecy would probably keep such documents in some facility several miles underground that requires many multiple body and cavity searches to either enter or leave (I sure would wink.gif )

I'm just sitting back and waiting for either the government or the aliens themselves to make their presence known...my, what fun that would be, eh?



Cmdr. Hidama Hasaki

GCV Kurai

1st Squadron, SIN Wing

Stationed, Starstation Wrath

you might as well stay and fight, because if you run, you will only die tired

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Although I do believe that there is intelligent life out there, I think the document is a hoax.


Commander J.Smith


*3rd squadron, Marauder Wing

Stationed, Starbase Fenrir

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"choose your allies wisely, for they may turn against you."


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The internet is not the best place to look for ufo related material. Its easy to throw a monkey-wrench into the running machine on the internet.. just to throw things off course. However, some of you may be surprised to find out that there is some evidence that suggests a group such as "Majestic-12" may actually exist. I don't want to bore anyone, but the ufo phenomena is real. If the world knew about what was going on, it'd be like throwing a monkey-wrench into the running machine.. such stunning knowledge would surely change us all. I don't think they're in a hurry to let us know.. there's a lot to hide. Not everything is covered! (Think about that) I can't do it all.. Im just another guy.

That Quantum computer made my eyes boil.. we all know that faster computers are on their way.. and they're not just for Derek Smart and his games!!! SCOPE! -Just think about how disconnected people are from reality. Manipulation is everywhere. Do you really doubt that the gov't can keep a secret?- Maybe its time to log-in, I think too much 'reality' is like too much liquor.

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