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Ok, here is the situation. I bought a pickup truck from a dealer as is, I know I was supposed to recieve a list with the problems stated. I didn't recieve the list, and what's more is that the dealer did more damage when replacing the ignition. What should I do, is he responsible for the new damage? The vehicle emissions are bad.

Thanks in advance.


Commander J.Smith


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Don't know about Georgia, but my state has a lemon law. Basically, you can return vehicles within 3 days of purchase if at all dissatisfied... May want to quickly look into that.

Get thyself a lawer, though. He/She will most likely know more about what your rights are and how long they are in effect.

Good luck.


Flt. Cmdr. Akira



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...I bought a pickup truck from a dealer as is...

This is the problem IMO. By purchasing vehicle as is buyers get a special sticker price. Usually lower than the norm for a dealer.

Read the fine print on that contract or sales slip you signed. Most states have a lemon law as Akira mentioned but terms of this particular sale may just shield the dealer from them.

Find a decent lawyer to find out where you stand legalise wise then prepare thyself for the headache to come - small claims court.

Good luck and may the scales of justice tilt in ye favor biggrin.gif



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