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Reason for being away


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(my apology for this rant)

I've not been around for abit (so far out I only just signed up for beta) 06:53am.

I retired from work 3 years ago to look after my wife,(diagnosed with Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia philadelphia chromosone positive)

Went through all the treatments and now she has been in remission for almost two and a half years.

(They say it will come back but we just have fun and do what we can, you really value the small things)

Every year we haveto fill in a claim form so that my wife gets disability allowance and I get money to look after her.

They scr£wed up this time, without checking medical information ect they dropped her money from highest to lowest In July and the goverment has since then past us from department to department (11 weeks now) and we finally talk to someone with intelligence a rarity in goverment it seems and it may get sorted now.

The down side is my wife has got slowly more stressed for these 11 weeks and each week had another "oh we lost your file" or the classic "Oh it shouldn't even have come to us".

The following is a small piece from the larger piece that will goto the Disability living allowance Public relations manager today and tomorrow will goto the editor of the Sun national newspaper.

My main complaints are

1)They dropped Paola's benefit drastically without any checking on Paola's status with her doctors.

2)When we asked them to look at it again they did but again no outside consultation no asking Paola's GP for information.

3)We were told to gain medical proof for the appeal, we got our doctor to write a formal letter explaining how paola needed 24/7 care (by there own guidelines this should have been enough to reinstate Paola to the benefit level she was before)

4)We waited patiently for four weeks I rang up each week to see how it was going, was told it was week 35 appeal so would be a while yet (all this time my wife is getting more stressed, more days where she was sick in bed more panic attacks)

5)On the weekend Paola was so bad I hadto see the doctor and he prescribed anti depressants and the next day some different ones(for the first time in two years Paola was on anti-depressants), Paola was basically a vegatable bringing back up anything she eat not sleeping all due to stress.

6)On monday I ring up and am told it could be three to four weeks before we know, I say this isn't good enough and can they please put me through to the appeal office, I talk to a very polite person called ***** she marks the case as urgent and a few hours later she tells me that the person looking at

the file is confused because it seems no medical evidence was requested and thus the apeal can't go ahead infact it should never have gone to apeal and our claim is sent to medical services seems they can't accept the evidence we sent as it wasn't requested.

What annoys me the most is it isn't the cancer or drugs that are killing my wife off she fought them and won this time its some idiots in blackpool who decide a persons fate.

One another note, before july I was pretty amazed at how well and hard I had worked on our finances even though due to the problems with a con man before she got ill, I had CCJ's and about £10,000 in debts I had slowly got everyone happy was paying of alittle each month even to the point of the bank we were with upgrading our credit rating and cheque account. Each month since July I've got closer and closer to the point where I haveto choose bills or Paola, I won't lower Paola's standing of living so money that would goto bills is making up the £40 extra per week, Why you may ask? My wife has fought cancer she has been through hell, every day she is in pain from arthritis and muscle cramps

but she doesn't complain she is only 24 and may not see life even to 30 so i'll be damned to hell before I put bills before allowing her the few things she is still able to do just because some *sshole in Blackpool didn't have the brains I was born with.

(my wife is slowly coming back to herself now please don't pitty us just needed to get this off my chest before I goto war with them)

Thanks to BC3K v2.9 atleast I've not gone totally insane yet, you come to realise how shallow most games are when your desperatly trying to forget the hassles for a couple of hours

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No sweat Pyros, I don't mind you sharing this kind of stuff. You have to vent this kind of frustration and challenges someplace. IMO, you are doing the right thing in sticking with your wife and putting her over any bill. My dad went through a 6 yr. cancer battle with my mom (actually step-mom) before she lost the battle at age 33. My dad did some things that weren't financially sound, but he did them for the family. He never regretted it. Hang on to those bright spots because they can be a comfort in the days ahead.

My prayers are with you....


Commodore Wold

ICV-Drakr, Spectre HQ (Antis)

Commanding Officer, Spectre HQ

Spectre Fleet

ICQ 4669033

"You can only love or hate something you truly understand"

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I'll be praying for you.

If there's anything specific you think I could do to help (it doesn't matter how stupid an idea you think it is, maybe I'll be able to do something, maybe I won't, give me an email (adress is in my Sig)


Cmdr. Ben Zwycky

GCV Svoboda, ISSHQ (Saturn)

Centauri Flight Group Leader, Defence Wing - ISS Fleet

email:[email protected]


"honour is what on man can give you, and no man can take away"

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Hi Pyros,

Sorry to hear about your troubles. frown.gif

I deal weekly with situations like this, as does my fiancee. We essentially make telephone calls *expecting* this to happen, in fact. Whenever it does, we place a follow-up call a week later to see if anything has been done. If nothing is, we take the issue right to the top. We've spoken to CEO's and members of boards of directors and let me tell you, these people deal with your problem within 48 hours or you get a cookie.

Some tips:

1) Keep a thorough record of every time you come in contact with said organization. Keep time/date of every phone call you make and what happened.

2) Every time you talk to a real live person get their phone number, extension and name.

3) Whenever you talk to a higher up, get their name and number as well.

4) The best way to get to a higher up? Contact a receptionist. Ask to speak to the CEO (refer to the person by their full name first - "can I speak to john smith please?") or the board of directors. Both are powerful enough to make any middle-managerial type piss his pants. If the receptionist won't budge, have them transfer you to A) Human resources B) Public/Media relations. They'll take care of it.

Hope that was of help man.

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Got the number and name of the regional media representative, figures she isn't there today so i'll call her on monday.

(she helped us a couple of years ago)

Sadly I've learnt the same as you, talking to low downs in companies just means you haveto repeat yourself when you speak to higher ups,

not really anything anyone can help us with, just keeping myself busy.

Have fun guys smile.gif

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Guest aramike01

Sorry about that, man. And believe me, you're not the first to get something like that off your chest here. And you won't be the last!

Good luck with your endeavor, and God-bless.


Vice Admiral Michael Kristophers

ICV-Intrepid, Spectre (Antis)

Fleet Leader

Spectre Fleet

Official Tester, Battlecruiser Series

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Pyros and Paola,

I just want you to know I am thinking of you, and to tell you both to keep up the good work!

Pyros, I know a lot of guys who couldn't handle less.. so I always have an ear for you!

Take Care!


Captain Echo

ICV Persephone, New America Starstation (Midae)

Eversor Fleet

ICQ# 31736776

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Good on you Pyros. I hope everything turns out well for you & Paola


Commander Robert Martin


S26 Wing Leader, Prime Fleet Beta Wing

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