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Please console my terrible, terrible ordeal....


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I got most of mine back last evening. I'm back up and running now, and BCM is still as sweet as ever. Now if Creative Labs will gimme back my [email protected][email protected] CDRW I'll be back to 100 percent. smile.gif


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Thatsgood to hear Rattler. maybe we'll see you around a bit more biggrin.gif


Commodore Kyle Antilles

ICV-Eclipse, Destiny Starstation (Nevuela)

Commanding Officer, Destiny

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"You can only love or hate something you truly understand"

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I have had way to many pc problems to mention, some my fault, some not. Hey, what can I say, I love to tinker sometimes; and you know curiosity always kills the cat! wink.gif

My last PC problem, I believe was caused by none other than AOL. My wife now checks her mail from the web, as I will no longer load that P.O.S. software. (Sorry Charles. frown.gif )

btw, Welcome back Rattler, glad to hear your PC is doing better.



Commander Greg Miller

GCV - Sark, Orion Starstation (CENTRIS)

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'Here cometh the storm!'

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I got one

I recently bought a voodoo5 card for my comp upstairs.

I put the card in and run the computer everything goes fine.

I start quake3 .... and booooom no screen. all goes black.

So i open the casing to see some wires melted and my voodoo5 card all black.

I was pissed ... i called the comp supplier and i send the hardware to them.

they looked at it and there was a little split in a power cord somewhere and caused a malfunction in the power giving it a super boost for a short time , short circuiting everything .

i got all my stuff back fixed , but still waiting for my voodoo5 (if it will ever come)

I really dont believe the story from the supplier is seems so strange to me.

Oooh well maybe my brains are fried to.


Commander Nick Jamont

GCV Prophecy IV, ISSHQ (Saturn)

Intel & Espionage Wing Leader - ISS Fleet

"silence is gold"

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Good news people! The 300W power supply went in today, and I'm a happy man, the rebooting has stopped! Thanks for the advice everyone smile.gif


Commodore. Parias

ICV-Galatae, Sanctuary Storage Facility (Sygan)

Balor Fleet

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Follow-up to my story:

My replacement monitor arrived today from Gateway and it works fine, so the problem was the monitor and not my Voodoo3 card. However, Gateway has not made any business that I've had to conduct with them easy.

The monitor was still under warranty, so replacement was free. When I came home from work there was a UPS sticker on my front door. The sticker said that the monitor was delivered with a $62 COD. I called Gateway to inquire and they said that they had no record of me owing any money on this, so it had to be a UPS deliverer error. I went to the UPS center to get my monitor and sure enough, the sticker on the box said $62 COD. The Gateway customer service rep did mention that the records indicated that the package was 62 pounds in weight. Hmmmm...

UPS would not release the package unless Gateway faxed a letter on company letterhead stationary releasing me of the COD charge. I again called the customer support number (several times) but I must have gotten a series of North Dakotans who only know how to milk cows because they either didn't understand my situation or they blew me off. One rep said that she'd send the fax, but after 20 minutes nothing arrived. I called another rep and after 10 minutes on the phone she transferred me to a business office that closed 2 hours earlier. After 2 hours at the UPS office, I finally got a Gateway supervisor willing to take responsibility and fax the release letter.

While waiting, the Gateway customer support supervisor said that they usually charge $65 for shipping purchased monitors, so UPS might have screwed up somehow reading a smudge as a $65 COD. I told her that I saw the shipping label and it clearly had a $62 COD charge which was coincidently the same as the weight of the shipment. Perhaps someone in their shipping department put the weight in the wrong box on their computer system.

Regarding my other story, the stitches come out tomorrow.

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