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I know this is the wrong forum but I couldn't post a new topic in the DN&S. I'm assuming everyone here that has played Homeworld loved it. The only thing I didn't like was the same thing that I don't like about other RTSG's, your confined to the space the mission is in. In HW I kept wishing that I could take my newly assembled fleet and invade that planet in the background and explore other regions at my leisure. I only recently discoverd BC3K and realized that this was exactly the game I was looking for. I was just wondering if Fleet C&C is going to be put into BM and if it is then I was wondering if you were going to "borrow" some of the interface control schemes from HW that made the game so easy and fun to play, such as dragging and assigning several ships to a fleet that is hot keyed and be able to give commands that are shared by each ship in the fleet. It would also be cool to be able to construct new ships from a space station or carrier. I can just imagine getting an intel report that a Gamulan fleet is massing for an invasion and you only have 20 minutes to assemble a fleet to counter it. I realize this is a wishlist suggestion and I know your in a hurry to finish but I thought it might be a feature you could add later in a patch. What are your thoughts?

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I knew this was going to happen.

Welcome Plasmic to the wonderful world of BCM!

I take it from your post you're new to the original BC3K.

Already in BC3k you can select fighters, or shuttles or ATV's individually, as a group or all at once. And you can give very specific commands to each. More specific than Homeworld and more detailed.

Just off the top of my head, you can go to the TacOps screen, observe the surface of a planet, select waypoints for a couple of fighters a shuttle and a mining drone. Send them off to the planet giving the mining drone a command to mine, the shuttle a command to patrol, and the fighters a command to seek and destroy any enemy in sight.

And at the same time, you can launch two other fighters to attack a pesky insurgent, jump in it the fighter and dispatch them personally, take their disabled ship using a tractor beam into a nearby space station for some experience points, then fly back to your Battlecruiser in time for afternoon tea.

The command scheme is just as simple, but different. And I haven't even touched teleportation, trading minerals or cloaking.

You can't do any of that in Homeworld. Not even close.

You have just discovered the freedom.

For more info on what you can do, Read the Fine Manual. (RTFM)

If you have any more questions, head on over to the new commander section. And I'm sure someone will help you out.

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...I'm assuming everyone here that has played Homeworld loved it....

First - never assume anything. I have played Homeworld and dislike it.

Second - BC3K has Fleet C&C. Play BC3K long enough to attain the rank of Supreme Commander and you will get all the bells and whistles that come with it.

Welcome to our nightmare and TTFN


Commander Gallion

GCV Graf Spee, Starbase Cerberus

Wing Leader - Wraith Fleet/Corsair Wing

"Run Silent, Run Deep"

Corsair Cove

Official Tester, Battlecruiser Series

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Did I mention you can command everything in your fleet from the TacOps screen? A 3D zoomable(?) interface. Very Homeworld.

Oh and of course that was just BC3k, I haven't even touched what you can do in BCM. The new terrain engine. Beam weapons. Multiplayer.

Everything you spoke of and more is already in the game. No need for stinkin patches!

This ain't no Freespace, this ain't no Homeworld, this ain't no foolin around.

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You bet! Just wait and see what THE GAME has developed to!


Cmdr Jason Cloud

GCV Silver Lining, GENESIS (Moon)

26 Squadron Commander, 2nd squadron

Prime fleet, Gamma Wing

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