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Drugs (the illegal stuff)

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I do think that patients on chemo (sp?) and other stomach upsetting medications should be able to get pot legally.

I get sick and tired of these so called rightous politicians campaigning against even this use of pot. They try to claim there is no medical benefit from this but just ask anyone who has had stomach problems from treatment and smoked pot whether it relieved symptons and I bet most will tell you yes.

I have not smoked pot for a good number of years but I can remember once having a terrible stomach flu and could not hold anything down. Someone suggested that I smoke a joint, that it could help settle my stomach and by God it did. I was able to eat and hold the food down for the first time in two days so do not tell me there is no medical use for pot.

I do not suggest anyone use pot for recreation use although adults should have that right in the home.

Morphine is legal for medical use and is it not a refined product of heroin?

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Oh man, seeds, blew up the whole bowl at me, damn, where did you get this stuff Shingen? lol

Sorry, it's been many, many years since I smoked Pot, but, the seeds were always the worst!! Blew up and scattered everything everywhere!! lol Burned the rug a few times I did!!!

Still trying for humor!! Am I succeeding so far? lol

Oh, and my favorite movie with drugs in it, has to be fast times at Ridgemont high, all of them falling out of the VW bus still makes me laugh, pot smoke just pouring out of it!!

[ 05-08-2001: Message edited by: Jaguar ]

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I'd like to see someone play BCM while high on pot. Heh. "Awww maaaaaan where'd my fighters go?"

If you haven't used pot then don't even try it. It only makes you stupid. Ever seen one of those utterly stupid Cheech and Chong movies? That is exactly how you will look to your friends. When you are high every thing in the world is funny. When you come back down it's like "I can't beleive I did that". It's not cool. I know, it was a fad for about a month with me. Sigh, I'll never be president now.

I can agree with Rick that if it medically helps you then you should be able to use it. But if you don't have a medical need and only want to use it recreationally simply don't. Just don't. Don't.

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I decided to move out of the Socialist box for a little while (so please don't talk to me about it here ) and talk about this drug issue, but if the 'Summit of the Americas' thread is any indication, I'm probably going to be here for a long time.

I didn't read all of the messages that have been posted in this thread so far, so forgive me if I'm repeating things. Anyway, here is my opinion.

If you take out the Republicans and Conservatives alike, in addition to the hard boiled politicians who scream about family values (I know I'm generalizing but bear with me), all of the people in the Western World who fear about what will happen to the children, and all the other visibly vocal right wing people who still refuse to believe that the drug war was lost in the 50s, there will still be one group left that is against the legalization of narcotics. That group is called The Drug Dealers.

Strange, but true. Drug dealers are against the legalization of their own wares. Why? Because their illegal operations are a thousand times more profitable! There are several reasons why they make more money, and most of these would be nullified by legalization.

1. Sellers of illegal substances pay no taxes.

2. There is little competition in the industry, so the prices stay up.

3. The covert methods of distribution limit the size of undetectable shipments, so the supply is always well short of demand, raising the price even further.

4. Addicts are willing to pay any price, and will do anything to get the money.

Combine these factors and you have a multi-millionaire in the narcotics industry. If the industry was legalized, this is what would happen.

1. Sellers would have to pay taxes.

2. Legitimate competitors come up out of nowhere, forcing the price down.

3. Distribution is open, allowing massive shipments to move freely throughout the economy, causing supply to overtake demand, and force the price down even further.

4. Property crime starts crashing down, because more addicts can afford the product legitimately.

5. The drug dealers lose 900 percent of their profits. I made that number up but you get the idea.

An added bonus is that due to the taxation of narcotics production, the government will have all the money it needs to fund rehabilitation programs.

In conclusion, legalization would be a good thing because the only people who lose are the drug dealers.

[ 05-09-2001: Message edited by: Menchise ]

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This drug war is a direct infringement on our constitutional rights, and should therefore be abandoned.

That's the thing, it is not an infringement Constitutionally. The state CAN legalize drug use (a few states have). While drug TRAFFICING is a federal offense, drug USE is merely a misdemeaner.

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I couldn't agree with you more Menchise, but the fact remains that if all drugs were legal, there could be a massive problem with social order.

Take cigarettes. Not a huge mind altering drug, but still very VERY deadly. I smoked much longer than I should have. I've finally quit but it took a massive amount of soul searching and pain, and anguish. And that's just cigarettes. An industry that is heavily taxed and constantly sued by the government no less! Legalize Heroin, and imagine the lawsuits from families that have lost loved ones.

With drugs like Cocain and Heroin, you have a potential for massive abuse, and once it spreads, it is incredibly hard to wipe out.

I really wish there was an easy answer to this one, but I don't think there is. But the dialogue is good. It's important.

(Actually legalizing pot is a no brainer. I think most people on this thread agree that pot is not in the same class as a narcotic.)

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