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Stupid pricing = bargain

Joel Schultz

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This weekend I was wandering around EB at our local mall, no particular reason other than it was near the camera shop and on my way out. Perusing the shelves for any decent bargains, I see Homeworld. Twice.

On the left, we have Homeworld: Game of the Year edition. Comes with Prima Offical Strategy Guide, plus sound-track CD with latest patch and preview movie of the sequel.

Two boxes down from it to the right: Homeworld, original box, nothing special.

Now the prices on the boxes were $19.99 and $39.99. Given the contents of each, what would common sense tell you would be the more expensive? The one with more stuff, right?

Nope! The HW:GOY edition, with all its extra goodies, was $20 cheaper than the original!

My conversation (as I recall) with the cashier:

Me: "Isn't that other box on the second shelf down, second from the right, the same game as this?" I point at the HW:GOY box I'm paying for

Cashier: "Yes."

Me: "Any difference?"

Cashier, thinks a second: "I think this one HW:GOY has more features and stuff inside."

Me, signing the credit authorization: "Kinda strange considering this one is cheaper."

Cashier: "Huh."

Me, leaving store with big grin.

(Italics added for clarity)

Of course, maybe the original box has some goodie worth $20 more than the game CD, manual, upgrade CD, and strategy guide book. But somehow I doubt it.

Gee, I love it when you can pull a deal like that! But seriously, you'd think the store would pull the original Homeworld off the shelf since it is more expensive than the GOY edition. Or else swap the prices around.

Does anyone out there have the slightest clue as to what the store managers were thinking when they put the prices on the boxes? Or put both on the shelves at once? Not that I'm complaining...

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Guest Shingen

I got Homeworld GOY for christmas last year, but it didn't run worth a damn on my system! It lagged waaaay too much when there was more then 10 ships in the game at any one time...(which made the game completely unplayable!).. I eventually traded it for BC3K 2.07 which runs LOTZ better (if a little buggy, but I AIN'T complaining!)

Sounds to me like you are one smooth horse trader! I just hope the game runs better on your kit then it did on mine!

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Wow, small world! Yeah, there's a pretzel stall down here still. There's a little one they maroon in the middle of the mall and larger stall in the food court, I think both are "C.K.'s Pretzel Works". Same one, SC?

Latrobe isn't too far from Monroeville, I think. Most of us here know the history of BC, but still, who would've ever thought Battlecruiser would share the home of Rolling Rock Beer, even for a short time?


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that's hilarious, the EXACT same thing happened to me when I bought HW a few months ago at CompuSmart in downtown vancouver....I couldn't say no, and it really is a great game....the only trick now is to find Cataclysm....

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Heheh.. Yup they always have that problem.

Exact same thing happened to me 2 or 3 weeks ago. Homeworld was $39.99, and Homeworld Cataclysm was $19.99...Guess which one I bought??

Anyways I asked the Cashier why the price difference, and he even scanned them to check and see if the system had the prices as marked..and they did.

Only thing we could come up with was that the BarCode (or SKU??) in the system for homeworld was much older reflecting the price from months ago while Cataclysm had a newer Code/Sku reflecting the current MSRP..who knows.

Anyways Got a good buy..now if I can only get the Darn thing to run without crashing!!

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