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X-box Countdown


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Now I know u guys r eagerly waiting for BCM but I know that u guys r itching to buy an x-box this November. I mean, u got the best next-gen system coming out with a huge amount of developers making games for it plus getting a copy from a retailer won't b difficult since its closer to home. I know I'm getting my copy.

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I looked at some stuff at eb today and say the xbox things... the only two games that caught my eye were Halo and Madden 2002. The animation looks good, and frankly the PS2 is a bit disappointing with the lack of games coming out on it. The PC is still much more flexible.

SC, that was a good article, informative and makes me wanna switch from PS2 to the Xbox.

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Dark Summit is "sort of" a snowboarding game. As far as console games go, I dunno, it just looks interesting.



I actually ordered the Bravo Bundle that was being offered at Ebgames. It comes with Dead or Alive 3, Oddworld: Munch's Odyssee, and Halo. I'm not that entralled about Dead or Alive 3, but it looks pretty, at least. I'm not into sports games AT ALL, so the Madden 2002 bundle didn't really appeal to me that much.

Munch's Oddysee might be decent, but I wonder how it stacks up to it's predecessors?

Gunvalkyrie also looks pretty snazzy and it's another game I've been thinking about pre-ordering. I'm more willing to take a chance on a game when I know I can return it, after all.

Batman Vengence shows some promise as well. I am rather fond of Batman, but licensed game scare me. Chances are I'll wait for the reviews first.

I currently have a $10 deposit on the X-Box version of Morrowind. Funny thing is, I have the PC SE version pre-ordered as well. I'm eccentric enough to buy both, y'know. I love Bethesda Softworks... most of the time. I'll never stop holding a grudge for the cancelation of Dreamland Chronicles, though.

And thats about it, for now, since you will never see me buy a Football, Basketball, Hockey, or Wrestling game... ever.

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Well that explains that. I'm not into sports games.

Anyway, here's my EB order list (hehe, it nice to know people )

Consoles 'n stuff:


Xbox High Definition AV Pack

Xbox DVD playback kit

Xbox Memory Unit




Dead or Alive 3

Starwars Starfighter

Airforce Delta Storm

Starwars ObiWan

Project Gotham Racing

Starwars Rogue Leader:Rogue Squadron 2

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