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Snipped from whitehouse.net

The White House gets a facelift!

At the First Lady's request, the White House will receive a new coat of paint. Laura Bush kicked off the painting ceremony saying, "There's just something elegant about green." The White House is your house, so tell us what you think.


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Never mind - look what I found on there:


America's 43rd President, George W. Bush, and First Lady Laura Bush suck. Hahahahahaha!!!!!


We Chinese super hacker!!!!! Hahahahahah!!!!! USA suck!!!! Hahahahahahah!!!! USA pilots gay!!!!! Hahahahahah!!!! We kill all USA!!!! Hahahahah!! You president dope. Hahahahah!!! We Chinese, we play joke, we put pee pee in your Coke. Hahahahah!! We hate you!!!! Hahahahahahahahahah!!!! You dumb.

and this one:

For Sale: Spy Plane

The White House offers for sale to the highest bidder: One used spy plane. Top of the line United States military technology foreclosed by bank. High bidder must repossess. Photographs and location available on request. Inquire via email.

Goto the page and refresh and see what happens... damn hackers.


White House to rent billboard space on lawn.

To help fund the Tax Cut, the White House will begin renting advertising space, including banner ads on the web page, corporate sponsorship of the White House letterhead, and billboards on the lawn. For rates, please inquire.

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LOL! all the stuff I get!


In Focus

White House to rent billboard space on lawn.

To help fund the Tax Cut, the White House will begin renting advertising space, including banner ads on the web page, corporate sponsorship of the White House letterhead, and billboards on the lawn. For rates, please inquire.

ExxonMobil company to fund White House energy plan

In a bold public/private partnership, the ExxonMobil company will contribute one billion dollars to fund exploratory drilling in the Alaskan wildlife preserves, a key component of the President's strategy to combat the growing energy crisis. To cement the partnership, the Lincoln Bedroom will be renamed the ExxonMobil Bedroom.


In Focus

On Friday, the White House announced that Spanish will become the official alternate language of the United States of America.

Executive order 2417 requires federal agencies to produce all public documents in both English and Spanish by 2005, and directs federal employees to undergo mandatory Spanish language training.

This bold initiative builds on the success of the pilot program in the Texas town of El Cenizo where Spanish has been the official language since August of 2000. Mexican President Vicente Fox hails this decision as, "The first step towards President Bush's proposed American Free Trade zone."

The President encourages all citizens to learn Spanish. Lessons are available for free online:

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

We'd like to hear your comments and suggestions for improving this program.


Viernes, la casa blanca anunci├│ que el espa├▒ol se convertir├í en el lenguaje alterno oficial de los Estados Unidos de Am├®rica.

El orden ejecutivo 2417 requiere las agencias federales elaborar todos los documentos p├║blicos en ingl├®s y espa├▒ol por 2005, y ordena a empleados federales experimentar el entrenamiento de lenguaje espa├▒ol obligatorio.

Estructuras en negrilla de esta iniciativa en el ├®xito del programa experimental en la ciudad de Tejas del El Cenizo donde ha estado el lenguaje el espa├▒ol oficial desde agosto de 2000. Presidente mejicano Vicente Fox graniza esta decisi├│n como, " el primer paso de progresi├│n hacia zona propuesta del libre cambio del americano de presidente Bush's. "

El presidente anima a todos los ciudadanos que aprendan a españoles. Las lecciones están disponibles para en línea libre:

Lecci├│n 1

Lecci├│n 2

Quisi├®ramos o├¡r sus comentarios y sugerencias para mejorar este programa.


In Focus

Justice Department Seeks Anti Cyber-Terrorist Legislation

With the words, "Terrorism is a clear and present danger to Americans today," Attorney General John Asscroft presented the new Anti-Terrorism Act (ATA) to the House Judiciary Committee. When passed, the act will:

Retroactively reclassify computer hacking as a terrorist act, punishable by life in prison without the possibility of parole, and with with no statute of limitations.

Classify defacement of government web sites as high treason punishable by death.

Collect and store DNA samples from all convicted computer terrorists in a federal database.

Fund a mandatory national ID card program. Individuals who can not produce a valid ID may be detained and deported.

Ban textbooks, computer classes and other materials known to provide "advice or assistance" to cyber crooks. All material witnesses who hold the so-called "Minesweeper Consultant and Solitare Expert" computer certificate (MCSE) will be instructed to surrender to local authorities.

Ban any form of Internet communication that can not be easily monitored by the FBI's carnivore software including encrypted email, ftp, napster, and instant messages.

Install cameras employing criminal face recognition software in all public gathering places including stadiums, theaters, and restrooms.

Although it is unclear what role if any computers played in the recent tragedy, it is clear what role they must play as we cope with the threat of terrorism. The White House is confident that the congress will rapidly enact the new legislation so that our patriotic police forces can go about the business of repressing evil terrorists and miscreants.

And some people aren't tooo bright : read in fanmail


Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2001

From: Deanna S.

Subject: Some comments from a middle class American

Dear Mr. President,

I am writing to you today because I am concerned about some of the recent and proposed policy changes regarding the status of illegal aliens and Spanish as the alternative US language.

First off, let me say I am a conservative republican, married, middle class, college educated, professional female, 35 years old. My husband has been in the US military for 10 years and I am not your typical enlisted wife. I have never written a letter to a member of the government before - but I am sick of what's happening with to this Country and I don't want to sit back and watch it go downhill anymore. No morals, no values, illegal aliens, lying, cheating, etc.......

I have traveled around the world and recognize the importance of diversity in our great nation, but why are we catering to one specific ethnic group? Isn't America one big melting pot where people step on our shores, become citizens legally, assimilate into OUR culture, and keep their ethnic heritage without assuming the rest of us will cater to them?

I do not think Federal workers should be required to speak Spanish by 2005, nor do I think that forms should be printed in both Spanish and English. Why can't legal US citizens learn to speak and read English? If they are not in the US legally - who cares? They are not supposed to be here in the first place - let them follow the rules and regulations to get here legally.

Do not get me wrong, I am not a racist or someone who thinks there is only one ethnic background. I'm tired of having to play by the rules and laws of this great country and watch as we begin to cater to people who shouldn't be here in the first place. I am also sick and tired of paying taxes and not getting the benefit of their use.....but the illegal aliens get to use them.

My Grandfather came from Switzerland in 1917. He couldn't speak a lick of English - but he learned. He assimilated in OUR great American culture and kept his heritage also. He was very proud to become a legal citizen and when people would ask him his background he would say he was an American of Swiss/German descent.

Why aren't we printing forms and requiring Federal workers to speak Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc? Don't those ethnic groups have rights also? Heck, while we're at it, let's let all of them into our country illegally also!

I am very disappointed with this way of thinking and can honestly say if you continue on this path you will loose my vote. If you're listening to all of us little people out here - you'll loose a lot of votes. I admire your integrity and honesty - but I don't agree with you on this line of thinking.

Don't use the line on me that it will open up trade relations with Mexico, and that Vincente Fox is all for this.....Heck, I would be too if I were him......Most of the unwanteds from his country will move to the US......Why didn't we do this for the Chinese, and Japanese when we opened up trade with them?

I also do not agree with your giving your radio addresses in Spanish - I realize they are on the way to being the majority in this country and you will need the votes for your re-election, but our official language is American.


Deanna S.

Instructional Designer

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