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HERE IT IS JJ's picks of 2g1 !!!!!


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TIED! Return to Castle Wolfenstein- no cmment necessary

Aliens Vs Predator 2-all i can say to u is try this game, it's so intense, and really scary


EMPIRE EARTH-THIS GAME SIMPLY HAS EVERYTHING YOU IMAGINED, it's that simple, you can't complain about it lacking anything cause it has everything


OpFLASHPOINT- wanna experience modern war? , tell ghost recon to bend over, cause this game makes it it's B*TCH, it is modern war, that simple, expcept for the lacking multiplayer options


WW2ol- i was a staunch def of it for three months, then in sept they made us pay for a half finished game


BATTLECRUISER MILLENIUM- this game has everythign in it, great music, replay factor, and has everything all the previous game in it, plus more, great forums, and pretty stable, this game has earned it!

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I have all those games except ww2ol.

RTCW is fun, but MP lags too much. Not for people with 56k to come lagging up my games

AVP2 has been my fav as far as storyline and fear factor go.

BCM rocks for us simulation fans.

EE is a good replacement for my old Age of Empire games.

OpFlashpoint is my favorite war game ever. Extremely freeform - but you are limited to 4 islands which sucks.

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"Sim" of the year (SimCity style sim):

Monopoly Tycoon - Actually competative. NO bugs. Excellent graphics and music. Very good game play in SP and MP modes. Only oddity, people "walking" on the sidewalk look like they are skating.

Note: This is secure, unless SimsVille manages to get released this year, then I'll have to review it before a leader is determined

EDIT: Oooops...Just noticed that there's an expansion for The Sims. Hmmmmmmm.....

I absolutely agree about EE. Excellent game. I am constantly torn by the fact that I want to play BCM more than EE.

[ 11-25-2001: Message edited by: Gomez ]

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I hereby vote Hostile Waters as Underdog of the year. It has a gameplay style similar to battlezone and a kick-ass storyline (at least in my opinion.. I tend to go nuts over this sci-fi nanotech rusty carrier stuff). If they had added in multiplayer, the game would've utterly rocked without question. The thing is.. hardly anyone has heard of it.

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Return to Castle Wolfenstein was VERY dissapointing, IMO. It comes across, to me, as a highly polished budget title. There is NO gore... guys just fall down when you hit them. Levels are linear and uninstpired... sure it's a castle but there's 1001 things you could do to make it more interesting. Like multiple paths between point A and B (Something Duke Nukem 3D had in spades). The enemy AI is alright, but nothing we havn't seen before. They run away from grenades and hide behind objects. Gee, how innovative.

Needless to say, it went back to the store. I used the credit to finish paying off Morrowind and Neverwinter Nights, with enough left over to reserve Call of Cthulhu and Soldier of Fortune 2. As a game in it's own rights, RTCW is about as mediocre as it gets. Not to mention it has a high price tag ($59.99 for std, $69.99 for Collectors Tin Ed) and the SP game is really, really short (Max Payne short - finished it in one day).

In summation, there is absolutly nothing redeeming about RTCW. It's bland, uninteresting, short, and just-plain-not-fun. Games like Half Life, Soldier of Fortune, and Aliens vs. Predator 2 put RTCW to shame.

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