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Windows XP and FPS game difficulties


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Hi all,

Since installing Windows XP I've used three video cards - a GeForce 2MX, a Radeon 7500 and now a GeForce 3 Ti200.

In the Radeon 7500 AND the Ti200 card, running under Half-Life games (CS, front line force, DoD, etc.) I've encountered an odd problem. When the action gets hot and heavy, the screen seems to start "tearing" images - straight lines temporarily don't match up. Sometimes there are awkward pauses in the action, as though there's some processing going on. Finally, movement becomes unpredictable - I hit the "move forward" button and start moving forward, but at random if I let go the avatar will keep walking. Or sometimes it won't jump or shoot when I need it to.

I have not overclocked any of these cards or the system they are on - P3-800, 128MB RAM, 20gig's free, Windows XP.

I have noticed people *****ing about WinXP grouping devices on a single IRQ - in my case, just about everything on my computer is on IRQ 9, and WinXP won't let me change that.

My question is, has anyone else encountered this problem? If so, have you managed to fix it? What did you do?


PS. wait for vertical sync is turned on, anti-aliasing is always off, and the problem is LESS noticeable in the Ti200, though it is still there.

EDIT: (added the PS)

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I'm running on a Geforce 3 with WinXP. I have experience no problems on any new FPS games (RTCW, Operation Flashpoint, Max Payne, Quake III, Unreal Tournament)

Make sure you download updated drivers from NvIdia.com is all I know to tell ya.

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Thanks for trying Commander, but I found the solution.

By going to RUN>DXDIAG.EXE>SOUND and turning the sound acceleration slider off, the problem has gone away. Apparently, there is some issue with either (a) my VIA chipset or (B) my sound card or © both at once.

The answer came from this thread:


Thanks for your time guys.

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