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Little girl in need of good thoughts and prayers


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I hate to bring a downer in here, but I have to.

My best friends daughter is VERY sick, and they need all the good vibes they can get.

Here is the E-mail that I got from him last night, just about broke my heart, his daughter Kathy, is almost the same age as my daughter Morgan, this would absolutely kill me, and it is killing me because she is my goddaughter. Here is his e-mail.


By now I'm sure everyone has heard all sorts of

stories in all sorts of ways about my daughter and

what we're going through right now! I had to come in

tonight to take care of a few things around Cuero-way,

and spend some time with my boys. What I went through

today and the past few weeks I wouldn't wish on even

the worst of enemies. Kathy is six years old for some

of you who may not know us to well. She came down with

a strange and so far, unknown virus the week of

Thanksgiving. She's had vomiting, excrussive

headaches, back, neck, & leg aches. We have been to

San Antonio to a specialist and he performed an

endoscopy on her last week to find that her throat,

stomach, and intestines were full of ulcers. Saturday

night she had stroke like symptoms and was transported

to Driscoll Children's Hospital in Corpus Christi

where she spent a few days in PICU. We were moved onto

the floor in a regular room day before last. She has

had initially the endoscopy and bi-opsies of her

stomach and small intestine, a cat scan, mri/mra, two

spinal taps (the second today), more sticks and pokes

with the needle than a swarm of bees could give ya! So

forth and so on... We are still in the fog about what

is going on, they have brought in an infectious

disease specialist to help, with his team, find out

what is going on. Her white blood count is very high,

she has pressure on the brain, her optic nerves in

both eyes are swollen, the eeg showed abnormal brain

waves on the left side of her brain and now they have

ordered the second mri/mra series on her and a new set

of cultures. The best we could get out of this new Dr.

today was she has a fungus type of meningitis. It will

take several days for him to determine which strand of

the virus it is. Supposed to be hundreds of different

types. Anyway, so we are still not certain as to the

why's and what for's yet. The wait and watching her

suffer are a tremendous stress, to be so helpless in a

situation which we can only give to God and pray

about! I wanted you to hear it straight from me and

right now that is the best and most I can tell you

all. She is in room 705 at Driscoll Children's

Hospital in Corpus Christi, TX. Keep us in your

prayers -friends! God is the most awesome healing

power and I have faith we will get to the bottom of

this and get her treated and back on her feet. It's

going to be a long process and is going to take a lot

of strength and power! God Bless all of you,

Dennie and Amber McMurrey

Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers, they need all the good energy they can get at this point!!


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It's bad enough if it happened to an adult, but to a little girl like Kathy, its just a horrifying thought.

Please tell your friend that I'll be praying for her safety and recovery and tell your friend to take good care of himself.

[ 12-15-2001: Message edited by: Cmdr Jeffery Eu ]

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I finally got hold of my friend Dennie, and I have never heard him so scared in my life. He is the strongest man I know, and he sounds scared.

I think that Kathy is in worse shape then he is letting on. She needs all the thoughts and prayers we can give her commanders.

I don't care what religion you are or whatever religion you are not. Any positive thoughts, prayers, meditations etc would help. This little girl needs all the helpful energy she can get, and I don't care where it comes from.


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OK, Commanders,

Here's the scoop, Kathy is NOT getting any better and the Doctors cannot seem to figure out what is wrong with her.

They are saying Fungal meningitus, she has swelling of the brain, ulcers in her stomach intestine etc, and she is in EXTREME pain.

I need all the help I can get here guys, If anyone and I mean anyone knows anything about such a disease, or knows someone who does, please contact me ASAP. We need to get her help QUICK, she is in BAD shape and I mean BAD!!!

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I am truly sorry, my neice had a form of meningities in her blood ( Im not positive if it was viral but I know it wasnt spinal), she was only a year old when she got it. The strain was called meningicoccalcemia (spelling is probably wrong)a very rare case they told us. She was hospitalized for months and was on the brink on a couple of occasions. I believe her brain suffered from swelling as well. It was truly horrifying, my thoughts are with your friend and their family.

She was flown in and treated at the IWK (Issac Walton Killam (sp?))Childrens Hospital in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. I could get you the doctors name who treated her if you think it may help.

I think I will go hug my daughter now.

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Jez thats rough My thoughts and prayers are with her as are my families

We went through something the same with my son he had a infantile stroke at 8 days which left him with a brain hemorage, we were told the worst that he would never walk or talk and to look for long time care for him.

But now he is fine he proved them all wrong.

If it can happen for him it WILL happen for Kathy tell your friend to have faith.

Best wishes and prayers to Kathy and her family and friends

[ 12-20-2001: Message edited by: Emmett.hendrick ]

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