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What we take with us as we depart...


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This thread is for reflecting about the good times, the fun experiences, and the lessons of life that we have learned as members of this special community.

As we depart from the Battlecruiser Online Forum, it is important to reflect on what we take with us on our future journeys, so that we may continue to grow as individuals and as members of the Battlecruiser community long after this forum closes.

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Let me see...jacket...SF marine combat suit... Sabre MLS...

Oh, you mean those spiritual kind of things...

I couldn't put it into words. I joined this community during a particularly troubling time in my life, and it gave me direction and meaning. I hope now I can give something back.


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Yay!! But we'll all still be chatting in the ISS chat thingy right? I had a great time there.

Anyway I think SC and DeSylva is right when they say we should also make another place to hang out too. If anyones looking for me, I'll be in the irc galcom chat annoying Keenan and Epsilon 5 a lot.

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I love this forum. my mates are always ragging me about the time i spend here but i don't care. i enjoy this forum as much as i enjoy the game. I sure will miss it. yet at the same time i look forward with hope to what we will make. you all make this community what it is.....great.

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(Think RP when reading this)

/A fairly unknown commander wanders to the front of the room. Looking nervous, he shuffles his feet as he takes to the empty podium./

Well, I know SC knows of me, though not well at all, not like he knows many of the vets. I really don't consider myself a vet, though I've been here for a while - it'd seem pretentious to give myself that promotion. So bear with me if I seem awkward up here.

But - I just want to say thanks to SC for providing this lounge for the likes of me and the other commanders. Back in the day, before I was a commander, I didn't even know what "Battlecruiser" was. I lucked out and picked up a copy of the BC3K 2.0 recruitment box at CompUSA's bargain bin and...well the rest is history: I joined up with Galcom. Yeah, yeah, I probably stay off towards the sidelines more than I ought. But I like my place, humble though it may be.

But you know, in the couple of years of waiting for our next command in this new millennium, I probably would have just drifted out and gone on to other things. But /gestures to the lounge/ its you guys here, and this place for us to gather which was one of the hooks that kept me in. Sure, we had the somewhat regular - irregular? - command updates via GNN, and the nigh-daily VCF progress reports on development of the new Battlecruiser was...hm...adictive to say the least, heh. But this community, the support you can find in it - that all became part of my Battlecruiser experience, in some ways inseparable from it.

Personally, I don't think I'd have enjoyed my Battlecruiser half as much if it weren't for this place. That thing was so hard to learn in places that I don't think I could've mastered it without the sage advice from heads wiser than my own from around here. /chuckles/ What am I talking about anyway, I still haven't mastered that beast...

That being said, much as we like this place I understand that SC has an organization to run, a bigger picture to be concerned about. I think - and I can't read his mind, so maybe I'm off base - that he simply expects us commanders...well, uh, to behave like ones without his babysitting. We owe him a lot - our ships, this forum. And SC owes us diddly-squat. Lest we forget and abuse his hospitality. Yes, his hospitality - voluntary on his part, done out of his good will.

Well, I'm running out of things to say. If this site closes - so be it. SC will do as he will, and deserves our support, even if we may not be entirely happy about it. Where will I be? I'll just wait in the wings to see what Blades and DeSylva are cooking up. If it lives up to the standards that you set here - I think I just might mosey on in and continue to participate about the same as I do now.

If SC elects to continue - so be it as well. And he deserves our support equally, if not more so, if he does that. Again, where will I personally be? I'll just keep doing what I've been doing, holding the line, keeping out of the way, make a positive contribution to the community when I can, and of course keep that spacesuit handy for the occassional inane question that gets me ordered out the airlock.

Either way, I will support SC's final decision when he makes it. We all will, I hope.

It's been a pleasure being here regardless. As I've said, this place was part and parcel of my BCM experience. And is a valuable place for us to recruit new blood. Heh, look at some of the people who it helped pull in. I remember our Newbie Welcome Wagon's first posts here, and now he's been recently promoted. /glances Nova's way/ Oh, yeah, belated congrats on that promotion, Nova. /grins and taps chest/ Heh, this place even dragged in me, for better or worse - /chuckles again/ for you people, that is.

/Stares hesitantly in SC's direction, then with confidence/

This forum is part of the Battlecruiser legecy, no matter what happens now or in the future. Whether this place goes or stays, whether it is succeeded by another place or stays just the same, it will be part of each of our experience, part of the Battlecruiser legend.

And legends never die.

/Wiping the sweat from his brow, a faint blush of embarassment on his face, the commander steps down and makes his way back to the lonely corner in which he had been quietly sitting and listening./

OK, I've been itching to write that piece since the first announcement. I've been itching to write it even after SC's apparent change of mind, so sue me. I've couched it in RP (makes it more interesting to write), but I meant what I said - I honestly believe that we need a place here or similar to here (but elsewhere) to keep BC alive and open to new and old fans alike. I just wish I could contribute in some other way than being a voice of support, but I can't...


I leave with the memories that there was once one zone of sanity and order amidst the chaos.

Perchance it will spread...

Me too; I hope it spreads here. Oh wait, you were talking about here...

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