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Second thoughts... I'm a bit confused.

Guest $iLk

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$ilk , you and I sit at opposite ends of the political spectrum , but I respect your adherence

to a strict code of what you belive is right. Because of that I would suggest you opt out of your enlistment. Not because of the other reasons

people have listed ( family , money etc...) but because of your political beliefs. As a professional soldier it would be your job to support the government and it's commander in chief regardless of your feelings. If you have any doubt about your ability to do that quit now!

Please do not allow anyone to guilt you into anything you cannot support wholeheartedly. For my money I feel based on your writing style , you are a very intelligent young man (albeit a very opinionated one) and as such , I believe in the greatness of our country and the belief that people with your brains and balls will always be able to provide for thier families. Stick out the college , whether it seems to make sense or not ,

if you still feel the need to serve your country

you would do so as an officer. Though I disagree

with you on a number of issues , you present yourself as a person of character , something rare these days , so stand by your beliefs and don't put yourself in a position where you'd have to comprimise them one iota.

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You mean as a "Marine." "Soldiers" belong to the United States Army.

Got that right, "I" was a soldier, $iLk would have been what Aramike and others were, "Jarheads"!!

Now where did I put that flame retardant suit again?

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Ok $ilk, take from someone who did 20 years in the military.

You have to make up your mind whether or not to fulfill your commitment or not. If you have to think about, "are the Marines for me," for more than 3 seconds then write your letter and give it to that zero get out of your DEP - NOW!

Otherwise your tenure with USMC will be tainted. There are a plethora of horror stories wrt Recruiters and their membership with the Liar's Club. They have the hardest job in the military - getting people to join.

Not all of my 20 years was gravy, most of just plain sucked but I look back with fond memories and wonder WTF did I do that for.

Lower enlisted + family = disaster in the making. I've had countless young married soldiers in and outta trouble because they couldn't make ends meet. Then there are the Jody visitations whilst on deployment. Come home from a 6 month deployment and the kids don't recognize their father. The list go on.

Your motives a true, but the .mil and you will not work IMO.

Write the letter $ilk now and give to that zero in the morning.

Stick with college. It's a bugger now but when all things are said and done, life will be easier in the years to come with that piece of paper hanging on your wall.


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I'm still listening to everyone, I haven't posted but I've been reading.

I appreciate the concerns and I am weighing all of them right now. As of now I'm trying to get my date pushed back as far as possible, but I get the feeling more and more that my and my family's well being, contrary to what they've said, is not on their minds as much as meeting that quota.

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Ok Silk I have read through this forum and finaly have decided to add my two cents in to it.

I am serving in the army, I have been in for over 12 years now. I will stay in at least until 20 years so that I can retire. Thats was my choice.

It does sound like you have a ***hole of a recruiter there. And I will not get into that. I can already tell that you have done your homework and know the rules and regulations that apply to you.

As for The choice you need to make. ONLY YOU CAN MAKE THAT CHOICE. You must figure out what is good for you, and your family then make that choice based on that decision.

This would mean that you need to talk to your wife, aand outline not just where you are gonna be in one or two years but in ten years from now.

I know lots of people who have come and gone from the military because it was not the right life for them, I also know people who have done 20+ years in and retired. My point is that this is something that you need to think about.

Which every way you go I wish you the best of luck.

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Whew!! Lotsa Reading there.

Gallion and Maddog Make some very Valid Points.

I'm approaching my 17th yr in the Navy. I may not have seen it all, but I have seen alot.

Just a couple of things to add. What rank will you be following Basic?? If the Recruiter promised you Auto Advancement, get it in writing.

You are concerned about taking care of your family and being in the Military will allow you to do that but how well is the question. I've seen E5 personel in the Military on Food Stamps because their pay is not enough. Junior Enlisted with family will be tough.

Family Separation is tough. And you will be separated.

Its late I'm tired and Rambling. Just Talk with the Family, and go with your heart. Besides you have till the Age of 35 to join so No hurry there.

I'll get some sleep and post later. Good Luck

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Guest Hellbinder[CE]

I agree, dont join the military. Especially the Army or Marines. If you join anything join the Air force.

I joined the Navy out of high school as a Data Systems Technician. Spent 6 years in and then got out. Right after that I got a job As a Cisco network Engineer with the DOD. about 2 years later They wanted to send me to Japan to head up the installation of the Navy Exchange Retail Networking System in Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong.

For me this was a dream come true. I loved Japan and Thought it was the perfect Job. meanwhile i met this Girl and we Got Married 3 weeks before we left for Japan.

Needless to say it was the WOST experience of my life. she could not handle Military Base Life, or Living overseas. She Returned home 6 months later for a "6 week vacation". that was the last I ever saw her. After that all I got to talk to was her Lawer. She had gotten a personal Phone account and charged 6,000$ in overseas billing. I also found out that the day she left she wrote over 10 checks, yes all of them after the first one bounced.

Needless to say I was an emotional wreck, I ended up breaking my contract and ruined my carrer with the DOD. I got uncerimoniously sent back to the US. I also had to file bankruptcy. 10 years with the Navy and DOD in Computer Networking all tossed away in a measily 6 months.

Now I live (alone) in north Idaho and Work for a Public School district as a Network analyst.

I guess I share a little of my story with you because Big desicions can have big life changing impacts. Before you know it you can find yourelf in a situation you never dreamed you could be in. The truth is you never really know people... Sometimes you find out whats really inside someone after its to late.

[ 01-11-2002: Message edited by: Hellbinder[CE] ]

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$ilk, I thought mabey you could use a woman's opinion.

1st, I commend you on your dedication to your family and for stepping up to the plate as a man when your girlfriend (now wife) got pregnant. I know married men who still can't.

2nd, Your kids are only young once and only for a short time, in 18 years is the money you make now going to matter? I say as long as you can afford a roof and Mac and Cheese you are all set!

That's all. Best Wishes

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