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My Starting Gaming Site

Commander Jamont

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I just started my new gaming site.

Please visit it give your comment about it.

Read it , write about it

Question how do i come in contact with game developers?

I really want to make a good site.

What i need still:

Graphics person who can do the logo and background

Newsposters that live over in the usa.

The link is Fluxgames.com

The domain name should be there in 2 days.

And ofcourse this weekend coming up my first review and ofcourse its from BCM

I now i am a betatester but still i give my comment and numbers

Please s.c. hope you leave this topic here

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When something like this goes up, register quick before Shirley gets there and tries to use your nick!! SICK BASTAGE!! LOL

Nice setup there Jamont, like the program you are using, quite nice. Good job, if you need any help, let me know, willing to play admin for you.

[ 01-25-2002: Message edited by: Jaguar ]

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