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Civilization 3 multiplayer


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Ok, maybe I am way out of the loop here, but wasn't there supposed to be a release of multiplayer patch for Civ3 a little later after the games release? I visit their official site ( www.civiii.com ) once a month and there seems to be no changes to it whatsoever. What's going on? Has the multiplayer been droped? Then why don't they just come right out and post it? Or are they still working on it? Again, why don't they just come right out and post it. I mean it's f...ing so upseting when the company promisses something and then keeps quiet for months. No updates on progress, or maybe they just decided to scrap the project and instead of saying so they just might sit there all quiet and hope you forget about it.

On another note. Since Civ3 made me so upset right now, I just want to vent and give some credit to SC. This is exactly the reason that I love 3000AD, not only does SC keep us in the loop, gives us updates almoust every 2 weeks, but he delivers on what's promissed, and in rare instances when something gets cut (ex. TCAS) he comes right out and says that, which is MUCH better then hearing about it MONTHS later or not at all.

Anyway, all that civ3 made so p.oed right now I feel like crashing a baseball bat on ......

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