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My first dance single album!


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Hello friends! I'm producing my first dance single album and it will be published by an italian label in the next months.

I've composed the music and wrote the lyrics and the band performing the tracks is called "The Move Of Bass". We've got also a very good female vocalist.

The album will contain 4 edits of the song "No Calls": The club edit, a dub edit, an instrumental edit and a bonus edit with the voice of a well known italian deejay explaining (through a funny story) why the title of the song is "No Calls".

You can listen, if you want, to the club edit demo. Being a demo, it is only half the lenght of the original recording and there are beeps every 20 seconds for copyright reasons. It's the only demo i'm authorized to give to the public. But it is a good demo to feel the sound and the rhythm!

Here's the link:

No Calls (Club Edit) Demo

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