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Weekend Home Alone

Supreme Cmdr

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The strangest thing happened to me this past Sunday.

The other-half and the baby are away on a trip visiting family, so I'm home alone.

I went into my back room where I have all my gadgets and electronic gear; looking for the box for my G400 Marvel board. I was planning on grabbing some game video footage (ATI were nice enough to send me a Radeon 8500DV board!), so I had replaced this board and all its gadgets (breakout box, cables etc.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, the box for my Pioneer CLD D504 laser disc player caught my eye. I had been planning on flogging it on eBay a while back, but kinda couldn't be bothered. I have over 100 laser disc movies in several plastic crates in there as well. So, I took this box down and reached for the Matrox box. After putting the video card away, instead of putting the Pioneer back on the shelf - it hit me!

I was home alone and could make as much noise as I bloody well wanted!!.

Just imagine this : Me. Home. Alone. No chance of "...TURN THAT DOWN!!!! shocking the living piss outta me.

So, I took the box into my media room and plonked it down on the carpet. I then proceeded to connect it to the video 3 port (I've got the VCR on vid1, the DVD on component vid1, the cable receiver on vid2 + optical and the XBox on the front mounted vid4) which was free. After fiddling around with the Panasonic PT-56WX51 (HDTV projection screen TV) settings, I went back into my library to hunt down a laser disc to play.

From this list, guess which movies (some are THX encoded others are just standard AC3*)I watched and at volume level 50 (enough to bring the house down - trust me on this).


Under Siege 2 - Dark Territory

Hard Target

Maximum Risk

Escape From L.A.

Broken Arrow

True Lies


The Specialist

Once I had finished watching, it dawned on me that after a while, whats old is new again. And all of a sudden, I no longer wanted to part with my old toys. So now, the laser disc is permanently stashed underneath the DVD player on my rack mount; and am never taking it down again.

Did I mention that I have over 500+ vinyl LPs in the garage and that I still play vinyls on the Onkyo turntable now and again? Man, listening to the scratchy playback of What a wonderful World is a just fine way to get depressed about this screwed up world we now live in.

*decoded as Pro Logic surround by the Onkyo since I didn't find the AC3 RF connector for the laser disc (though I didn't need it since Pro Logic is just fine).

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That is so cool. When my wife leaves, rather than crank up the video, I crank up my 400 Watt Klipsch speakers on my computer to the max.

Medal of Honor sounds awesome. You can FEEL the bullets hitting bodies. When I play a rainy scenario of Combat Mission (made by the Indies at Battlefront.com) the thunder and artillery sends the dogs packing!

I did blow the speakers once when playing the lobby scene of the Matrix.

There is nothing like the rumble of my engines when landing while playing BC:M. Talk about immersion...

Are your ears still ringing SC? I bet you watched Eraser....

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Awesome! Well, i still listen to vynils too and i prefer their warmer sound to the cold digital I've got also some 70's old synths and i prefer them to the modern synths.

It's a pity i can't pump up the volume so much (except in my studio room but i've got no TV there). Other people in the residential building where i live would call the police

But i'm selling this flat and in june i'll go living in a larger suburban residence in a near town. More relax there and freedom! I'll be able to do whatever i want

It'll be hard to transport all my equipment myself but i don't want any transport company to touch my stuff!

The only bad thing of this story is that i'll have to forget my ADSL line and get only an ISDN one.

P.S.: Hey SC, i'm sure you put Aliens, True Lies and Eraser...

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Nah, I bet he didn't watch any of them.

You stuck on Mary Poppins didn't you, SC? Go on, admit it. 'A Spoonful of Sugar' must have sounded awesome, not to mention 'Supercalafragilisticexpialladocious' (sp?)

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