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Someboody We Know Has A Birthday!


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Originally posted by Akuma Minako:

Happy B-day! Don't drink too much!

Hope you got everything you wanted!

heh, I've got no vices actually. No booze. No smokes. No drugs. No wome....oh wait, I've got two of those around here . My only vices are caffeine, movies and my dev station.

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Originally posted by Soback:

Happy Birthday SC !!!

I wonder how big this thread would get if everyone whos registered and comes here would post. *hint hint*

heh, you should just SEE my email inbox. Its maddening I tell ya!!

Thanks all around, folks.

yeah, yeah, I AM working on multi-player, never fear. It WILL be killer!

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Originally posted by Urza:


heh, I wish. Wrong digit mate

Oh. I got that date from your ICQ profile. Of course, if you're lying about your age, we understand.

hehe, dunno what you're looking at, but I just checked ICQ and it has the correct details.
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Happy Belated B-Day oh wise one just a little joke

to pass the time for one we all care so much about and for

Signs of impending old age

1. your arms are getting too short to read..no matter how far away you hold stuff you still can't read it.

2. Invisible to women 25 and under...or worse they call you sir.

3. You are informed during sex you have grey hair on your testicles (mood killer)

4. You have clothes older than some people you know.

6. You use the term "when I was your age.."

7. You can't stay awake past the 11:00 news

8. Any band you like is played on an oldie station

9. Your wife always tells you the tv's too loud

(No Derek not the home theater , the one in the bedroom.)

10 You constantly accuse people of mumbling.

11 you own vinyl lps and you are not a dj

12 If you've been thinking of a bigger car

beware yes to more than one of these could indicate the early signs of middle age crazy!!

See the Bruce Dern movie of the same name for an explanation

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WOW! Another Birthday!

Hope all was well, since I am late again!!!!!

Every time your Boirthday passes I realize how long I have been around here. Funny huh? Time really flies!

Alas, I am still much younger than you! (I think)

Take care!

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