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Freedom Force (Full version)


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Well, has anyone else picked this up yet?

If this doesn't win Game of the Year (or at least, strategy or RPG game of the year) then Bob's your uncle. Heh.

The atmosphere/feeling of 50-60's comics is perfectly recreated here - Kirby's influence is all over this game. Dialogue is excellent and combat is wonderful - though encounters with supervillains aren't the long, drawn out battles I was hoping for.

As I mentioned in the bridge commander thread, the highlight of most games these days is MP. Unfortunately, FFs MP is only deathmatch, but oh what fun - I found a Spiderman skin online the other night, so I created a character with powers/abilities I felt were faithful and went online - and played against someone using the Green Lantern. How cool is that? Heh.

So - any thoughts folks?

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I found the game to be quite a lot of fun. The skinning process and hero creation is really neat, and playing your favorite comic book character is actually quite possible.

Unfortunately, I'm not much of a fan of the multiplayer... there's not a whole lot of options other than "beat each other up".

The single player game is excellent, and the voice acting is appropriately cheesy for the setting (Silver age comics had this kind of over the top dialogue). The only real complaint I had was that the Single player game was TOO SHORT! At least it seemed so, once I finished the single player I wanted more, more, more!

Hopefully once the level editor comes out that will allow some fan-crafted episodes to appear.

All in all, a great game, one everyone should buy, if only to ensure Irrational makes the two sequels they have planned.

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Guest Grayfox

i picked mine up yesterday... its pretty cool. the dialogue is what i expected for a 60's era comic with all the "red" and "commie" talk.

and you can definitely tell that jack kirby influenced whoever did the artwork for the game... kinda reminded me of one of the first Fantastic Four issues

cool game all in all, havent tried multiplayer yet, but i did find a captain america (my favorite), spiderman, and punisher skin, so im witin to try those out

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