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XBox co-creator resigns

Supreme Cmdr

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I would think most definetly not! That's horrible that he left! The Xbox is a fine piece of work (I've tried only demos etc in stores but even then I was impressed.)

I don't know how they'll cope. I mean, it's like losing the ideal behind an idea! (Or somthing like that.)

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Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr:

oh oh,
can't be good. Can't it?

Don't worry about it - I talked to the guy during the X-Box development period and he was as enthused about it as if it were his own baby. Someone waved a few bills in front of him, that's all

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Although I'm not a console person at all, the X-Box is still in a good position to do very well.

The graphics are better than the PS2. (I've had a long time PS2 fan admit this, begrudgingly)

The hard drive is an Awesome idea. Two words, save games!

The modem is a great idea.

It's relatively easy to program for.

All in all the machine is a well thought out, well made piece of hardware. Sega had solid well made hardware. Sega is dead now. It's about the games.

If Microsoft can create a ton of great games for the platform, then it will do just fine.

The one thing that Microsoft has up its sleeve, that no one knows the full impact of yet, is internet play. That could really open things up, and give MS an advantage.

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