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New ICQ hoax?

Supreme Cmdr

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Are any of you getting this remail? I don't think its legit and I've checked the ICQ site but see no mention of it. I've received it twice now and ignored it both times.


Dear ICQ user,

The ICQ Inc. is refreshing its databases to delete the inactive accounts. Please fill in your ICQ# and your Password and then submit this form by clicking the Send button. This is everything that you have to do to keep your account active. Don't reply to this mail. After your submission you will be forwarded to our homepage and will be able to read the latest news about ICQ Inc. Unless you confirm us that you are using your ICQ legally by filling the empty spaces, you won't be able to use your ICQ account after our refreshing is over.

With best regards ICQ Inc.

[ 05-30-2002, 08:28: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]

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Guest Fox__Trot

No icq doesnt delete accounts as far as I can tell *I stayed off one account for nearly 2 years and came back and it was there* id ignore it as well.

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I would say a hoax. I put in a number and password that was fake and hit send. The page it ended up in was not a icq site. It did say the account for the site it went to was closed.

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Originally posted by Shadow_Wolf33:

that plus the fact that Miriabilis actually sold the rights to ICQ to AIM...so it wouldn't be from ICQ inc. it would be from AOL. So ignore it completely.

AOL owns Mirabilis and ICQ, but it's still Mirabilis that makes ICQ work. AOL/AIM and Mirabilis/ICQ are still separate entities

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Got a new one.

From : [email protected]

To : [email protected]

Subject : RE-Activate your ICQ Number & Password!

Date : Fri, 7 Jun 2002 23:35:50 +0300

ICQ Support

RE-Activate! Your ICQ Number & Password

ICQ Number & Password

To re-activate your ICQ number & password, please fill in the blanks :

ICQ Number :

Password :

Don't have ICQ yet? Register Here and become a member of the ICQ community.

[important Notice of Terms of Service]

Copyright ┬®1998-2002 ICQ Inc. All Rights Reserved

I type in a number and password and get this (not my number and password):

Sorry, the account you are trying

to access has been deleted.



Gee??? I did not know my account had been disconnected.

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Found a newer one in my hotmail account:

Activation Problems

Re-Activate Your ICQ number

You Must Re-Activate Your ICQ Status By Typing Your Number And Password

To Re-Activate Your ICQ status, please fill in your ICQ number and password you've entered in the user details for that ICQ number:



Unable to Re-Activate your ICQ? Try our Password Retrieval page to Retrieve your password..

Still having problems? Contact the ICQ support team.

Important information:

The ICQ Re-Activation service is a security related system to keep your account active and keep protected your password with your ICQ number. If you are getting problems with your password, read below.

Once an ICQ password is retrieved, any further attempt to retrieve the password to a more recently entered Email address for that ICQ number, will fail.

Please note that if the only Email address entered for your ICQ number is an ICQmail address, you may not be able to take advantage of this ICQ password retrieval service.

Note that ICQ features and their functionality, including this new password retrieval service, may not operate according to their description, or may not operate at all.

Help Center

Trouble? Get ICQ Help Here

[important Notice of Terms of Service]

Copyright ┬®1998-2002 ICQ Inc. All Rights Reserved

This one is more professional looking. None of the extra links listed work but the send button this time does not give you an error. I think the people doing this is getting better at it.

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