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Favourite Game Music


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At the moment my brother is recording some tracks he's composed which I will be using in BCM. Very space clasical music and sounds amazing. He'll be doing scores for planetry, combat and just flying about music. They really are great to listen to and currently these are my favourite.

This is what my brother hopes to get into is composing music and I think the way he's going, he is well on the way.

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I don't really know. I put in my own music half the time I can. I'm a big big music fan.

The Sims. The rock music with lyrics in simspeak. That was friggen hilarious.

I like the BCM music, although I've been adding my own tunes to the mix. It's ended up with a lot of energy and stuff. More of a combat music compilation or just music that you'd expect an old mercenary to listen to, whilst hanging about Pixan. Here's my list:


Avril Lavigne - Unwanted

Blink 182 - Man Overboard

Breaking Benjamin - Polyamorous

Disturbed - Prayer

Eminem - Lose Yourself

Korn (feat. Garbage) - Freak On

A Leash [Techno Remix]

Limp Bizkit - Break Stuff

Linkin Park - 1stp Klosr

Linkin Park - By Myself

Linkin Park - FOrgotten

Linkin Park - Krwlng

Linkin Park - Pts.Of.Athrty

Linkin Park - Rnw@y

Linkin Park - Runaway

No Doubt - I'm Just A Girl

P.O.D. - Sattelite

Trust Company - Downfall

Trust Company - Figure 8

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Madden 2003 has added some rock tracks to the normally repulsive hip hop tracks that have been the norm. I'm an old guy but I really like a few called "Suk It Up" by hed"Just Like you" by Good Charlotte and "Awnaw" by Nappy Roots and POD. My respect for whippersnappers has soared.

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This is my list of favourite theme music from games (at the moment, anyway):

1. Crusader: No Remorse

2. Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers

3. Wing Commander

4. Betrayal at Krondor

5. Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness

6. In Pursuit of Greed

7. Deus Ex

8. Castlevania

9. Dune II

10. Rise of the Triad

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Guest Grayfox

madden 2003 definitely has some good tunage going on. i even d/l them onto my HD for keeps.

nhl 2003 has some decent tunes as well.

not many new game music has really caught my attention or favor. i like techno, but not while im playing most of the time... some good speed or death metal does just fine.

as for older games, the first metroid rocked, as did the first megaman. final fantasy has always had great music, and i was always partial to ninja gaiden tunes as well.

good topic idea mench

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The only Japanese I know is prenonced in English as "Gang ne!", which means "F*** you!"!

In reply to Grayfox, yep, napalm death and cannible corpse rule! I remember me first speed/thrash metal I listened to was Sepultura-Arise! Me fav band though is Tool.

Who remembers the theme tune to the first settlers game with the cheesy animation? That was fun to listen to.

The most anoying but funny game tune has got to be the one from the Real Internet Simulator!

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These games have some of my favorite tunes (in no particular order).

Final Fantasy VI,VII

Centurion (an Amiga game from the late '80s)

Battlecrusier Millennium

Total Annihilation

Baldur's Gate I,II

[ 11-07-2002, 11:03 AM: Message edited by: Urza ]

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Guest Grayfox

centurion was definitely my favorite game... the circus maximus events were the best, and the music was very good.

as for mood music... resident evil had some really good mood setting music... dark, creepy, definitely got you into the mood of the game.

i also thought shogun: total war, and medieval: total war music was extremely well done.

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Hmm, I've a few favorites:

Final Fantasy 7 has AWESOME music, I often playlist its midi files to play other games to. Perfect for Everquest or pretty much any game that has crappy music, or no music at all.

Descent (The ORIGINAL Descent, it had Midi techno rock that REALLY rocked my world for a LONG time, if you haven't heard this music, find the Midi's, load up a nice GM patch file if your card supports it, and check it out!)

Wing Commander (1)

Homeworld (And I'm REALLY surprised no one else listed that one, the ending them, by Yes, truly ROCKED).

Road Rash

Need for Speed 3 (And I've heard the guy who did this music does music for many modern car advertisements now).

Mechwarrior 2 (and it's expansion, as well as Mercenary).

Here at the bottom I'll add just one more: An old Shareware gem, the first game I got that could use my then new original Sound Blaster:

Jill of the Jungle, a game by Tim Sweeney and his then little known company called 'Epic Megagames', (Yeah, you know them, they did the Unreal games more recently). This 'Jill of the Jungle' game had sweet music that fit the game. Other games have done it better now, but back in the late 80's, Jill of the Jungle did it best and first if you ask me. I liked it so much I actually bought the full non-shareware game.

That about does it, I've probably left out a number of others I like, but this lists my most favorite game music.


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Ahh Privateer!

You hit upon the one game I always wanted but could NEVER find.

We only JUST got our first software store locally this past year, prior to that I either had to take a LONG trip, or see if I could harass an out of state friend to find for me.

I'd love to hear the music from that game though, if it's anywhere near as good as the original Wing Commander music.


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I'd love to hear the music from that game though, if it's anywhere near as good as the original Wing Commander music.

The music section of the Wing Commander CIC has MP3s of music from most of the Wing Commander games and their spin-offs, including Privateer.

The music in Privateer is good, and very different from other Wing Commander games. It primarily sets the darker tone of the game's mood. I wouldn't call it the best of Wing Commander though.

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