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Happy Veterans Day 2002


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Thought that I would start a thread for all of the veterans on this board.

Gentleman, thank you for your service, please post here, your service, date of service, specialty and rank, for all of the commanders on this board to see.

Again, thank you for you service, and Happy Veterans Day!!

US Army 1986-1990, Tactical Communications Specialist, E-4.

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Guest Grayfox

1992-1996 U.S. Army 12B Combat Engineer, also 55D (EOD) for about 6 months, Cpl E-4

thanks for posting jag... nice thing to see when i first get up in the morning

and happy vets day to you as well

that goes to the rest that have served and to those that have paid the ultimate price for the liberties we enjoy.

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US Army, 1988 - 1989, Private First Class (E-3), Giessen, West Germany. Cannon Crewmember 13B10 (apparently means TDY to Battery Supply of same unit for duration of duty...)

Hindsight is 20/20.... Had I known then what I know now, most of you would have been calling me "Sir." Probably a Warrant Officer, but I was rubbing shoulders with the right people, just didn't realize it at the time.

Ah, we live, we make our mistakes, and eventually die. For those with the courage to protect this great country, from all enemies, foreign and domestic, be ye civilian or be ye military (federal, state, or militia,) I salute you!

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I salute you gentlemen

U.S. Army 11Bc2 E-4

Infantry, Anti-Armor specialist (Dragon Gunner)

Dragon Master Gunner

M-2 .50 cal Master Gunner



The Queen of Battle.. BABAY!!!!

A Co 4th/16th Inf

1st Infantry Div. (FWD)

Goeppingen, West Germany


B Co & HQ Co, 1st/58th Inf

197th Inf Brigade.

Ft. Benning Ga.


Alabama National Guard

Valley Al.


And a special toast to all of our comrades in arms that are in harms way.

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Great post Jag, I know sometimes people forget the importance of service to country and it is good to know we're not completely forgotten.Nor are the brave men and women who came before us and made our way of life possible.

USAF 1982-1986

Security Police/Law Enforcement

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