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Who let the dogs out!!!


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You guys have got to see this, I was dying!!!

Who let the dogs out

A lengthy download, but well worth it!! ROFLMAO!!!

This is not for the faint of heart, and it is PG-13, so There, my responsibility is done!!! and I have a free concience!! Oh, and eat first!! not after!! lol and definitely not during!!

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EWWWWWWWWW! you had to put that warning up didn't you?? HUH! Always remember, if someone says not to do something to a teenaged male like me, they will never listen and do the exact oppisit! I was eating cereal (honney nut cherrois to be exact) and I almost puked watching that thing...

*puts visien in his eyes*

And almost blinded to!

*gets a bit of a grip*

over all tho.. it was pretty funny... and disgusting....


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Guest Remo Williams


Originally posted by Epsilon 5:

I really don't want to have the song in my head again (I hate it), so I won't check it out

LOL! Why did you even bother to check the topic. ahhh to be young and.... umm never mind.

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