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finally finished reading this book... all i can say is wow. i think i can explain alexanders superhuman abilities... he was related to achilles afterall. i think it was before he started out to invade the persian empire he stopped in illium to "borrow" the great shield of his relative achilles who was buried there.

and tyre by far, to me, was his most impressive victory... i mean to build a mole out of the old city spanning the water between the mainland and the island stronghold must have been an engineering feat to behold. after that i would have to hold the siege on the sogdian rock to be the next most impressive. because the sogdians held an excellent high ground position, were well entrenched, and had enough provisions to withstand a long siege, they laughed at alexander when he asked them to surrender on terms... then they said that they would only fear winged men for those were the only ones that could reach their position.

well 300 men scaled the adjoining rock, during night mind you, some thousand feet or so to the adjoining summit above the sogdian encampment. 30 died, but at dawn the task was accomplished and the macedonian heralds told the sogdian sentries to observe the winged macedonians above them... when the sogdians seen this, they immediately surrendered... this dude had skills.

darius III was afraid of him plain and simple. the only real trouble he had after was spitamenes, and the wild indian tribes... unfortunately he died before he could return to macedonia...

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