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X3D glasses


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I have eDimensional E-D Glasses.

BCM is great with them. Most effects are superb. There are a few 2D anomolies, mostly due to the game not being designed with 3D glasses in mind.

I haven't tried the glasses in first person mode (I don't generally play the ground stuff -- yet).

Great effects


o Hyperspace effects

o beam weapons have depth to them

o using F10 views and zooming in close (especially some of the supply stations -- getting in close causes some of the parts to extend out of the screen)

o space marines (again, zooming in close makes their guns come out of the screen)

o planets

o weather effects

Poor effects


o Tacops computer (I use keyboard toggles to disable 3D when using Tacops)

o space debris (looks like rain on a windshield in 3D, especially in rear view when the dots bunch up at the center of the screen)

o some menus have 3D aspects on 2D - meaning that the cursor doesn't track with the buttons. This is noticable on the main system dropdown in the upper right corner - when you go to switch displays, the menu drops down in the center of the screen, even though the cursor is in the upper right. Don't try to click the menu item in the center -- each item highlights as you move the cursor on the right -- just click.

The one 2D effect that looks ok on the 3D screen is the lens effect. This should be glare on a window, which is what it looks like.

I don't play the game without the glasses anymore.

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True, they only work with CRTs. They depend on interlacing or page flipping.

You can put the 3D glasses over your regular glasses. The 3D glasses are basically two LCD lenses that turn on and off to block the eye from seeing the screen, coordinated with what is displayed on the screen.

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you cant see beyond 4 inches without it blurring and you have 10/20? 10/20 is excellent vision, beyond normal. most people are 20/20.

you would be going somewhere in the region of 20/200 or beyond.

3d glasses thing sounds, cool, first i heard of it.

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I'm with you there Epsilon5. God help anybody crossing the street while I'm driving by without my glasses!!!!

When I first got my Drivers License, the lady behind the desk asked me to take off my glasses, look into this machine, and take the eye exam. I did, and then she told me to please take it again. I did, and then she said, "Sir, please put your glasses back on and take the eye exam again. Needless to say, I passed the third time, and now I got this little stipulation on my license that states: I must wear corrective lenses (Glasses or Contacts) at all times when I drive.

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