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Sim City 4


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The Sims, Sim Copter, Streets of Sim City, SC3k, SC2k, Sim Earth. All of which have taken tons of precious hours of my life. (Which oddly enough, I once got credit for finding a "feature" for SC2k online, and have been getting Sim City "help me I'm a n00b" email since.) And I'm anxiously awaiting SC4. It looks so sweet, although I'm probably going to need some upgrades to my comp to get a decent framerate.

Blah. I'm rambling. I'm so getting this game in the next month or so.

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Guest Remo Williams


Originally posted by Epsilon 5:

I saw sc4 boxes at walmart .. interesting, I might pick it up.

Same here, but at $50 I think I'll wait awhile.

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So what's your impression of the Sim City 4?

IMHO, I find that the this sequel is really interesting in comparison to Sim City 3000 Unlimited for the following reasons:-

1. Now instead of just building one mega city, you will have to depend on your neighbours to develop a highly successful city WITH skyscrapers;

2. It is much, much harder to make a profit now which is true in RL;

3. Accurate traffic simulation that affects your city's development just like RL. However there seems to be a lack of information on traffic patterns.

Considering that the game has both graphs and maps for every other information why couldn't Maxis add in a map tracing traffic flows from residentials to commercials/industrials.

4. You can have day and night transitions.

However, the manual really sucks.

All in all 9.00 out of 10.00.

Docked 0.25 for the really uninformative manual.

Docked another 0.50 for lack of a building designer and also lack of a MARINA!!!.

Docked the final 0.25 for being including such ugly advisors that really say nothing.

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