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Tell us about yourself.


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Haven't had one of these in a great while.

I want to know about you guys.

Tell us what you do, where you are, how old are you, family life. Let's get a feel for who the people are that are part of this little community.

I'll start.

I am a self employed home inspector

I live in Gig Harbor Washington

I will be 39 in a week and a 1/2

I have been married for 11 years and have 3 kids, 7 year old girl, 3 year old girl, and 16 month old boy.

I am a US Army veteran, 4 years active duty.

There, now, how about you guys... and gals!! that's for you Echo!! and dragonlady too, if she ever posts here again... LOL

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Here's my 2 cents....

I'm an employee in a commercial office

I live in Gabbro a small village near Livorno in ITALY

I'm 25

No wife and no kids

Iwas in the Italian Air Force (Aeronautica Militare) for my 10 months conscription time

I think it's all....

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Can I join in?

I'm an a part time teacher.

I live in Tainan,southern part of Taiwan

I'm 32

No wife..

I was served in the Army as a squad sergent for 1 year and 10 months.

A newbie here

Taiwan=Republic of China,Taiwan is not a Province of People's Republic of China!

This is not an authorized sig, please do not put this back in your signature line. Thank you

[ 04-16-2004, 11:58 PM: Message edited by: Jaguar ]

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Ok heres my blurb.

I'm a self employed I.T. Technician (hopefully not for much longer though)

I'm 28 (29 in two weeks or so)

I'm married for 5 years now and we have 3 kids(all boys)

Our eldest is 4, next is 19 months and youngest is 7 months.

I'm not allowed join the army (army don't like vegetarians) even though I really wanted to become a pilot in the air corps, so now I'm in IT instead.

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Hi I'm back!!! Thought I would introduce myself to the newbies.

I'm working as a general manager in a housing development company.

I'm 30 this year.

I just turned single recently (long story).

No kids.

Always wanted to join the military unfortunately they said I could not joint as I was toooooo fat and wears spectacles.

I purchase too many Sci-Fi books (David Weber), Fantasy books (Raymond E. Feist) and PC Games.

That's all folk!!

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I am a Sound Designer/Engineer currently attending school at Georgia College & State University.

I currently live in Milledgville, GA, but my permanant address is in Glynn County, GA.

I am 19.

I was born in Pennsylvania, somebody get me the hell out of Georgia, fast.

I'm not married, but I do have a steady girlfriend who I care for deeply.

I had my senator's letter all ready to go to the U.S. Naval Academy, but was diagnosed with Severe Asthma the next day... Too severe for me to get a waiver. It sucks, I know.

I am a Linux enthusathist(sp?) who has the goal of promoting linux to become the primary accepted OS; I'm a security buff and you would be surprised at just how vulnerable, Firewall or not, Windows systems are. Its sort of my hobby to help friends secure their computers.

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I am an IS Specialist at the #3 engineering firm in the world.

I live in West Palm Beach, Florida

I turned 20 on January 31st.

I am not married however I have a girlfriend of two months (you gotta start somewhere).

I have no kids.

I went into the ROTC for one year for the USAF and decided it wasn't for me.

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I wickedly thought of posting a link to my profile, since all my info is there...however...

I am a police officer

I live in the Caribbean

21 years old

not married, no kids. If I had a kid I'd want it to be like 3 or 4 yrs old from the start. Really cute.

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Fox__Trot, you're not giving up on Cruis.In, eh!

Anyway, this is me;

I work for the Inland Revenue in England (and, at a party, that's as far as I get before people start wandering off)

I'm 36, living with my long term girlfriend of 17 years (she's not 17, unfortunately! )

No Kids yet.

Err.. and my name is John, and I'm a BC aholic. It's been a long time now since I've had this addiction.. I thought I could handle it at first but I'm here to admit I have a problem.

Ooh, sorry.. wrong topic

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Crus.In - return to subspace - you know you want to!!!

rofl man.. that was a really good 1. to see that there...like appearing in my dreams saying return to subspace. i saw you post that somewhere before but didnt respond at the time and couldn't remember where.

ill be heading to your rubbish thread now.

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Race: Human

Planet: Earth

Age: 39

Spouse: none

Offspring: none

Occupation: Application Developer

Hobbies: Computers (of course), reading, camping, hiking, 4-Wheeling, gadgets, electronics, painting, playing music

Other: Space cadet born 1000 years too soon/alien in disguise

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I am a senior graphic design student at Bob Jones University

I live in Greenville, SC

I'm 22 years old

not married, not dating (at least not technically)

would like to join the military after college.

oh and am working at being more tactful, I recently got promoted to "lead brick wrapped in tinfoil"

I think that covers it.

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I work in manufacturing, but I am going back to school to learn more computer stuff. I would also like to set-up a blade forge for making knives and swords.

I live in Crimora(very small town) Virginia

I am 23

I'm single and looking, no kids

I practice Kendo (Japanese fencing, basically beating people with bamboo swords while wearing armor), I like to play games (computer and tabletop, Though I have not bought a game console since the original Nintendo), I like to read Sci-fi and fantasy books as well as books on swordfighting and making blades and armor. I play tuba in the Stonewall Brigade Band (in continuous operation since 1855, when it was called the Mountain Saxhorn Band, but I could go on and on about that).

Any other horn players on the boards? We could start a "Battlecruiser Band"

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I'll bite...here's my take:

I work for the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

I live in Pennsylvania.

I will be 39 in 6 months.

I have been married for 16 years to my Japanese wife and have 3 kids, 30 year old daughter (adopted from my wife), 11 year old daughter, and 15 year old boy.

I am a US Marine Corps veteran, 5 years active duty and a PA Army National Guard veteran, 3 years.

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BC noob,

I'm an experimental physicist at Brookhaven National Lab and Stony Brook University. I do this for prestige, and this for money.

31, hitched, no kids, just got off active reserve duty in July from the USN (thrilled to be out for good... 8 months deployed in PG... ick) I was here

I'm trying to get a job here so far, unsuccessfully.

My hobbies are, working on the house, hosting backyard BBQ's, csicop, coffee, and of course, computer gaming.

And my system profile is below...

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Guest Grayfox

ok my abridged bio:

i work personal security

i am divorced with one child, a son, who has been living with me for 6 years

i am 29

i served 4 years in the army as a combat engineer and EOD specialist (boy do i miss that crap)

i live in springfield, IL (ick)

current hobbies include: rugby, building computers, graphic comic art, and guiness quality assurance person

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I am a Sergeant at El Dorado Correctional Facility.

I live in El Dorado, KS.

I am 32 years old.

I have been married for 12 years with two kids. Girl: 7 and Boy: 2.

I was in the Army.

I really enjoy my job. I am on their S.O.R.T. team (Riot police on crack) and Honor Guard.

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Guest Fox__Trot


I'm in collage at the moment Live in virginia, get stuck writeing a bunch of papers and my english teacher tells me I dont have a clue what a comma splice is but if you look at the comma after virginia (See above) THATS a comma splice... anyways lets see I have my own little ranting section on this board (Read under the rubbish fourm "More Rubbish from me" which I use to say whats what and to speak my mind on "stuff" although IM waiting for the SC to decide to close it ) anyways always reading...

My internet provider claims I use to much bandwith every month and has been threating to cut me off of their service ... apprently 18gigs in 3 weeks is to much to download... not my fault if I had to download software from school while at home

Honestly though I'm usually bored out of my mind... I play UO alot if anyone here plays Ultima ONline on the atlantic shard send me an icq 13517969

Fox out

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Guest Remo Williams

Here you go.

I'm a Systems Admin & Own a small PC retail store.

I live in Clovis CA. a small community just east of Fresno, CA.

I turned 39 in Dec 03.

My hobbies include networking, engineering, PC Gaming.

I've been married for 20 years this last august and I have 3 kids 2 Daughter 18 & 16. My son is 17

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Let's see.....

I'm 36 years old.

I'm a bus mechanic..it's a dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it.

Married for....i'm gonna guess 45 years. At least that's what it feels like. ( God, I hope the wife never sees this).

Three absolutely gorgeous children.

Hobbies: Brewing beer, drinking beer, reading, entering beer competitions, barbecueing, did I mention beer?

Military: 4 years in the Air Force..."Aim High" heh heh heh .... I wasn't cut out for it...kept getting in trouble, plus the Marines had a better dress uniform and I couldn't live with that.

I live in San Francisco. If you're ever visiting here, let me know. I'll take you to the famous Mitchell Brother's Theatre and then it's off to the Castro District for the other slice of life.

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Weapons Engineering Officer in the Royal Dutch Navy (for 11,5 yrs now), spec in weapons, radar and comm.

31 yrs old

single, no kids (AFAIK)

Military: Ehh, still doing it. Refused my conscription though. I thought it a bit silly to join the army as a conscript when you're already a midshipsman in the navy.

Hobby: Taking off in an airplane and landing on my own.

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I just turned 34 yrs old.

I have a son 4 & a daughter 2.

I was married once.

I have been dating a great guy and might get it right this time.

I work for a Mutual Fund Transfer Agent as a Client Admin.

I hate drama and love pizza

My claim to fame is being this games first registered female commander.

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