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Merry Christmas Everyone!


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Merry Christmas everyone from me and mine.

Hope your Christmas and Holiday season is wonderful, filled with fun, love and family.

I am out of here until the day after Christmas.


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Guest Remo Williams

I hope you have all have a wonderful and loving Christmas!


Hauska Joulu!

VeselÛ Vánoce!

Merry Navidad!

Felice Natale!

Веселый Рождество!

Lustig Christfest!

Joyeux Noël!

I think that Eggnog is little stronger than I thought LOL! I hope those are the right translations. If not its the last time I use the Strongbad translator.

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Originally posted by Remo Williams:

I hope you have all have a wonderful and loving Christmas!


Hauska Joulu!

Close enough

Merry Christmas everybody!

Hauskaa Joulua kaikille! (exact translation)

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It's Happy Holidays now........You guys are violating my rights........Where's a laywer......Somebody call the ACLU.......

Just kidding

Merry Christmas everyone

(P.S. Why isn't there a graemlin who's wearing a Santa hat?)

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Happy Holidays you lot! I hope it turns out to be a nice weekend for you all as well. Good luck with your survivals against relatives and such, and remember, if they get so bad, make sure to give the guy who 'does dirty deeds for dirt cheep' a call.

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Beside, good translation Remo; at least for the iatalian...

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OK, now that Christmas is over.


Tell us how you made out.....

I'll start, since I started this crazy thread...LOL

My kids of course made out like bandits, most of the car was full of THEIR stuff, lucky little cretins..... LOL

OK, I got a 4 tool 18V cordless set.


Sawzall, oh yeah baby, now I can do some cordless damage!! LOL

7 1/2 roundsaw

And an 18 volt light

2 batteries and a charger of course.

Then I got a motorized 25 foot tape measure, quite the cool little device I must say.

A cool to the touch soldering iron, it cools VERY fast, portable, no cord.

A cordless Dremel tool, very cool

and a portable toolbox, the stanley style, main box comes off to carry, and it's on wheels, for that maintenance man feel when you go to someones door to fix their sink...LOL and don't have to make 20 trips out ot the van.

A 400 watt inverter, enough to power my laptop and printer for billing customers right out of the van, VERY NICE...

A new watch for work, I have a really nice fancy watch, but nothing for work, now I do.

and just loads of little stuff, a space pen, it will write underwater, upside down, etc, etc, and little stuff that you would NEVER buy for yourself...LOL

Now for my birthday I will have to ask for accessories for my PDA, gave enough hints, but not one thing for it, so I will have to make a list this time and hit them hard with it...LOL

Hope you had a great Christmas, now I just have to figure out where to put all this new crap.

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I got clothes, and a few tools.

the big surpprise this year was a 19" LCD screen. Still calibrating it and trying to figure out if it's worth taking it back for a 1000:1 contrast 20ms model, but so far it;s pretty cool.

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Heh... Ahem...

A pair of inline-skates with safety equipment (you never know right..?)

UFO: Aftermath (Second copy )

Two Boxes of OLD SCHOOL games (Missile Command, Warlords, Combat, Astrosmash)

And with the money I got this year.. I purchased:

Metal Gear Solid 3 (New for $39.99 due to mis-pricing)

Silent Hill 4: The Room (Used for $22.49 Great Condition)

I rented:

The Terminal

Ace Combat 5

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Read up on those rechargable batteries. They need conditioned to get the proper use out of them. Very occasional use has brought my 2 year old 14.4 Ryobi set down to a three day charge life in the batteries. The local Batteries Plus charges $60 to rebuild them (replace the cells) which is about the same as a replacement set. At least Batteries Plus should recycle them. Perhaps the flashlight would come in handy on your job and keep the batteries in good condition.

I got a Tractor cover which I really needed.

A shirt, sweater, and a bright orange air hose (plus the fittings) for my compressor.

My brother gave me an official dartboard.

I went ahead and threw the air hose and sweater pic on the tractor page. No laughing at the junk room or the hat hair.

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