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Waiter, There's a Fish in My Wine!


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BEIJING (Reuters) - The French used grapes, Russians fermented potatoes, Koreans put ginseng in their drink and Mexicans distilled cactus plants to make fiery tequila.

Now China is introducing fish wine.

Sun Keman, an entrepreneur in the northeastern port city of Dalian, has formed the Dalian Fisherman's Song Maritime Biological Brewery, with a plan to use his background in the fishing industry to make fish into wine.

"Different from China's thousands of years of brewing, the brewery will clean, boil, and ferment fish for making wine," the official Xinhua news agency reported.

The company already had orders from Japan, Russia and other parts of China, it said.

Tipplers might also take heart in knowing the brew is purported to be good for them.

"Experts said the wine is nutritious and contains low alcohol," Xinhua said.

great, fish based wine. Wonder what they will think of next?

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erm, actually thats been around for a looooong time. Suprising they just marketting it right now.

And its not an asian thing either. the ancient romans made a drink from fermented fish. The discovery civilization channel had a special on this a few months ago. It covered the excavation of an old section of a city and what they found... and one of the 'houses' they found was the bussiness of a family that they later traced were big time entrepenours that were famous for their sauces and drinks... both made from fermented fish. They found roomfulls of amphoras that had fish residue and small fish bones on the bottom.

Fish Wine? Why not?

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Guest Grayfox

didnt they used to hang people back in the day for making bad puns?

next thing you know, some farmer from monkeys ass illinois will be experimenting on fermenting cow dung and making a drink out of it...

"boy clem, this beer tastes like shit!"

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