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Okay. As has been mentioned in another thread, I've essentially been on the lookout for a new career since my writing/journalism kicked the bucket in May, 2003. Or so.

In the past three weeks, I've had four companies interested in me.

Let me tell you why this is extraordinary. In the nearly two years I was job searching, I sent out at least ten resumes per day and followed them all up with phone calls.

I would research companies, mail directly to the hiring manager of the group I could work for, and tell them why I was so special. I would send out hundreds of these letters every few months.

From all those efforts, I only ever got one or two job interviews --- and they didn't pan out.

NOW...I'm on my third interview for a PR firm in the SF bay area. I'll be meeting with FOUR PEOPLE, including a VP, and taking an hourlong written test, on Monday. This opportunity came to me through Craig's List.

The other three opportunities came as a result of having signed up with EVERY TEMP AGENCY IN THE SF BAY AREA. Literally. I've been working, as a temp, at a help desk just north of San Francisco for about a month now. They are talking about offering me a job. Another temp agency has arranged an interview, for a higher paying, 6-month contract position with another company in SF, and another agency has IBM interested in me as a project manager.

So...everyone out there looking for a job...get out there and get your name in front of every recruiter you can. I...I daresay the economy may be picking up! I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel here, and haven't felt this happy/confident since September 10, 2001.

Finally, I may get a job...and I'll finally be able to buy UC and add it to my gaming library!

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Hang in there dude. I was out of work for five months after being at the same company for 12 years. I landed right side up and got a job that increased my salary by 10 grand. I'll keep you in my thoughts. BTW I bought a useful book called " Landing on the right side of your ass" I'll pack it off in the mail if pm some mailing info

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Race, thanks so much for the offer, but it is finally, finally over. I got work. Not only did I get work, but I had to turn down TWO jobs!

I've been hired by a public relations firm. All those years of reviewing video games have paid off. I won't be working in the gaming industry at all, which is a shame, but what the heck. And not even an entry level job --- I start off a few rungs up the ladder, with great pay and excellent benefits. I'm a happy camper. All that struggle finally paid off.

So, what have I learned...what tips would I recommend to someone who is looking for a job and has been without one for some time?

1) Sign up with every temp agency in your city. IT DOESN'T COUNT UNLESS YOU GET INTERVIEWED BY THEM, and then make sure you contact them once a week --- be it by phone or email, to let them know you are available for work.

2) Sell all your crap. Have a garage sale, put it up on eBay. I cannot begin to tell you how many times eBay helped pay rent --- all I had to give up was my entire video game library, various game consoles, various home entertainment devices (including my TV --- have been watching television on a TV tuner, on a computer, for months) and anything else that can be sold for more than $20 a pop.

Well, that's really it. Good luck and god's speed.

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