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I got engaged last night!

It is a really funny story

We needed to go get him a suit and me a dress for my cousins wedding. So he asked me to pick him up at home and we would go to the Hanover mall. I said no meet me at the mall (spoiled attempt #1)

We were in Men's Warehouse and the sales person was saying she's a keeper giver her a ring (he went for his pocket and realized it was in the car. (spoiled attempt #2)

After completing the sale there we drove across the street to the mall, again in sperate cars.

So we walked by NASR where I had picked out a ring a couple months ago, he asked if I wanted to go in, I said "how about after JC Penny" (almost ruined #3) When we came out I forgot he wanted to got there....

SO we go in and the ring is not in it's slot. I say "it's not there" he started asking the girl where it went.

I turned to look at him except he wasn't standing he was on his knee in the store.

I started bawling. I took the ring and he asked and I put it on.

The manager said "Did he ask?" I said yes

He said "did you answer?" I said "OH!" all I could get out as "OK"

SO I stood there shaking and shocked for what seemed a life time and I vaguely remember the lady telling me what kind of band I should get.

So I say "I need to walk"

I walk out of the store to a Hermit Crab Kiosk and buy 2 crabs and a whole set up. All the while staring at my hand holding my phone and sort of giggling.

While walking away I realized I spent 60.00 neither one of us had a clue so we laughed all the way to the car, where I finally remembered to kiss him

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Walks into the marine barracks. "Alright you lazy good for nothing slobs! We have a lady getting married and you're all invited, grab the beer, the fembots, and join me in front of the barracks for a flight to Galcom HQ!"

Cheer's and Roar's can be heard from the 9 barracks on earth


Sorry, couldn't resist

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I cant think of a sweeter person more deserving of happiness and on this I congratulate your fiancee!He clearly is a man of discriminating taste and he is truly lucky. It is clear to all of us who read your posts that you are intelligent thoughtful, compassionate and principled. I wish the two of you every happiness in all your future endeavors...You go girl!

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