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Yes, it's that time of year again for our good friend $iLk.

1 year older, and another month wiser..LOL

Happy Birthday!!

His Birtday isn't actually until the 16th, but I thought that we should probably get started now..

Oh, and it's my eldest daughters 10th Birthday today.

Anyway, Congrats $iLk, you survived another year!!

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I appreciate the well wishes pals. I chronicled my thoughts of the day on my Myspace (lol gay) blog:


This is the online community I've belonged to the longest, and you've all been here in the good and the bad, from the high points in my life to the low. Thanks for listening always.

I've created much love in the Politics discussion by railing against Republicans and Democrats.

Jag I appreciate you remembering every year. I hope your daughter has a good birthday as well.

My goals for the year are going well so far... I've lost 20 lbs since January, and have been doing well on the homefront.

I'll be getting married (again) in July. My oldest son will be starting Kindergarden this year.

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Guest Remo Williams

Hey, thanks for digging this one up Race I would have missed it.

Happy belated B-Day $ilk may your days be full and plentiful.

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