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New Baby!


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Sorry for reviving an old topic but it was one I created so I feel jusitifed :D

Update : My daughter is now 19 months old AND -da da da da!! - I have a seven month old SON! :) They both love to play around with my flight stick while I try to play UC - AWA which has let to many interesting and additonal system failures, I just knock it up to having been invaded by a computer virus lol. My daughter wears my head set an sits down with the joy stick in front of her and watches the computer screen to see what kind of havoc she can cause before she gets bored with it :grouphug: My son just grabs it like it is someone who owes him money and shakes the hell out of it until he falls over and has to attach himself to it. most of the time he's growling at it and spitting all over it too so I'd hate to see how he treats his enemies when he gets older ;)

So whats new round here?

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