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Fleet Action Team Management

Ben Zwycky

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The Fleet Action trial season is almost upon us, and this thread will be for listing the members of any Fleet Teams that will be taking part this season, as well as for designating the Team Leader for each team. Only team listing posts made by the designated Team Leader will be considered authoritative, and the Fleet Action multiplayer module will be adjusted accordingly.

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The Fleet Action trial season will be using a reduced game map incorporating only the Alpha Centauri and Tau Ceti regions. All exits from these two regions will be considered collapsed and inactive.

So far we have three teams registered, who's details are given below:

Galcom Alliance:

ISS Fleet:

Marc Wubbema (team leader)

Prez (team vice-leader)

Krasus (alliance document handler)

Jack Decker

Jerold Keenan

Starting Location: Cronus/Alpha Centauri

Wraith Fleet (a combined Wraith-CIOPS task force)

Ben Zwycky (team leader)

Case (team vice-leader)



Starting Location: Centris/ Alpha Centauri

Insurgent Alliance:

Spectre Fleet:

Shohashi (team leader)

Eclipse (alliance document handler)





Starting Location: Nevuela/Alpha Centauri

see the Campaign map for all fleet current locations and strength ratings.

Fleet leaders, please post in this thread to state your team's general availability times and notify of any changes to your team listing situation.

Wraith Fleet:

Saturdays and Sundays 6.30pm-7.30pm GMT

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Ok if its longer than two weeks as I told Sho, then I'm in going to Florida on the 9th of this month.

There's some other things ill ask when appropriate such as balance issues, what ships, if you get ship points to spend on chosen ship etc...

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The fleet rating system influences your fleets ability to continue to operate, it doesn't influence which ships you can use (the rules of the particular match type determine what ships you can use). The main idea is to destroy enemy fleets and capture space and planetary regions. Special operations missions can be used to restrict the enemy's options. The full handbook can be found here, though that's a long read (it covers everything). The mission orders thread has links to shorter more specific documents about the individual missions, their aims and what influence their outcomes have. (which is also in the handbook of course, these docs are just more bitesize descriptions of the particular situation you'll be facing in your next match.)

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Hey Everyone,

Due to real life being even more taxing on my spare time then I originally expected, I unfortunally have to conclude that I do not have the time to lead the ISS Fleet team in the Fleet Action trial season. I sencerely appolgize for this. When i accepted the position, i had no idea I would be so buisy the next few weeks.

As I do not expect this to change for at least 3 weeks, I hereby officially resign my position as leader of the ISS Fleet team and put my vice leader Prez in charge of the team. If at all possible, I do wish to stay in the ISS Fleet team as a normal member, so I can participate when I have more free time.

As much as I want to participate in this trial season, I do not want to be the person slowing everyones effords down. Again my appologies.

Best regards,


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Sorry to hear that, Marc. Of course you'll be welcome to stay in the team. Prez is now in charge of the ISS Fleet team, I would like to nominate Jack Decker as vice leader. What do you say, Jack?

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OK, good luck with your studies, Krasus. We'll keep your profile in case things ease up at some point and you want to rejoin the fray.

OK, it looks like it'll be a single combined Galcom team, then, at least to start with, flying under the CIOPS flag for rp purposes.

Who else is up to the challenge?

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not a problem, Marc, very glad to have you aboard in any capacity If we end up splitting into two teams at some point it'll most likely be me and Case leading them, don't worry.

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I'm a little busy at work so I can't be to a lot of stuff, but I can probably make a few times on Sundays anytime around 2-4pm EST.

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I'm sure whatever contribution you can make will be appreciated by all, thanks Eclipse.

Any more Insurgents want to step up to the plate?

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