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Fleet Action Team Management

Ben Zwycky

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To maximise the player pool available for each match and make the map situation more interesting, each team will have two fleets at its disposal, players can take part in any MP match involving one of their two fleets.

The Galcom team will be using CIOPS and Wraith as its two fleets, CIOPS will start in Centris and Wraith in Lyrius.

I will be acting as Team leader, and Case as Vice-leader.

Insurgents, I need to know who is going to lead your team, the names of your two fleets and where you want those fleets to start. I will need to know your starting locations by next Wednesday at the absolute latest, all else will need to be decided no later than the end of this month, MP matches will start next month.

In the meantime, two offline missions will get the new season rolling, see here for details.

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Due to a lack of active participants from other fleets, there has been an administrative shake-up in the way this season will be run.

1. Two alliances will be played to start with, Galcom and the Gammulan Empire. The core of the Gammulan Alliance will be made up of ISS Fleet members and led by myself, the core of the Galcom side will be made up of Wraith members and led by Strategic Commander Case. The map module has been reset accordingly, though the Galcom side has yet to choose it's starting locations.

The four fleet entities taking part (and their turn order) are:

WSOG -Wraith Fleet (Galcom)

Defense - ISS Fleet (Gammulan) - starting location Gamma 1/ Gammula

SIN - Wraith Fleet (Galcom)

CIOPS - ISS Fleet (Gammulan) - starting location Otura 6/ Omega Centauri

2. Other players can join one of the two sides as either a reservist or a

full member of the appropriate fleet, the difference being:

a. Reservists can be actual members of other fleets or unaffiliated,

their assignment is reversible, fleet membership is permanent (i.e you cannot change your mind and switch to another fleet later if you choose the full membership route).

b. Reservists cannot be given command positions in a team, and do not

receive fleet training, they just attend matches and follow orders (as

well as being able to take part in offline missions)

c. If at some point there are enough reservists to form a team of their

own (at least 4), they can choose to split off into a separate alliance

(insurgent or raider) with two fleets, but starting with 40 fleet

rating each instead of 60, organizing themselves as they please.

All those who wish to sign up as reservists, please state the alliance you wish to join in this thread. If you wish to apply for full membership of either fleet, then please post in the appropriate thread for ISS or Wraith.

Action stations!

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