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Fleet Action Mission Orders


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This thread will be dedicated to the issuing of orders and the reporting of their outcomes for the current Fleet Action season.

A copy of the latest edition of the Fleet Action handbook can be found HERE. This link will automatically update each time a newer version is uploaded.

When it is a fleet's turn to give a mission order, the team's designated leader will post here using the following format:

Fleet: (Fleet Name)

Order: (Order Title - see below for details)

Target region: (region on the game map, i.e. from the UCAWA single player galaxy)

Proposed times: proposed Time(s) and date(s) for conducting the match, based on their team's availability times and the availability times of the fleet team they'll be up against. GMT must be used for proposed times.

If you are unsure what your time zone is relative to GMT, go to http://wwp.greenwichmeantime.com/ and find out. Remember to check again after daylight saving time changes are implemented.

The titles of the available mission orders (and links to documents describing them) are:

System Supremacy


Last Stand

SpecOps: Signals Intel

SpecOps: Sabotage



After the order is issued, the leader of the defending fleet for the match (if there is one) will state which of the proposed times for the match is accepted (if none are, he will suggest alternative time(s) and date(s) which the order issuing fleet can choose from). Once a time and date are agreed, the attacking fleet will then send it's mission plan documents to the document handlers.

After the match is conducted, the logs analysed and the result determined, the map keeper will update the module, announce the result and request the next mission order.

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OK, that date and time is accepted by Wraith Fleet leadership. Please send your detailed mission description documents to the document handlers, so that the relevant documents can be passed on.

See you at 4.30pm GMT on Sunday September 17th on the 3000ad teamspeak server. If that is not running, then we will meet on Rip's teamspeak server.

Let's get it on!

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Mission outcome: unsuccessful.

Spectre Fleet landed only 37,000 tons of cargo and troops on the planet's surface, which is unsufficient to build a sustainable and defensible base network on the planet.

The troops that they have landed are hurriedly building temporary shelters to protect themselves from the fierce heat and violent sandstorms that are typical of Nevuela's harsh desert climate. If Spectre is unable to sufficiently resupply these troops in another planetfall mission in their next mission order, their temporary life support systems will fail and they will succumb to the elements and be lost.

It is now Wraith Fleet's turn to give a mission order, which is as follows:

Fleet: Wraith Fleet

Order: Special Operation

Target Region: Nevuela

Proposed Times: Sunday, September 24, 2006 from 5:30PM GMT or Sunday, October 1, 2006 from 5:30PM GMT

Once a date and time is agreed on, then detailed documents will be submitted to the document handlers.

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Mission outcome: successful.

Spectre Fleet correctly guessed the target region, but Wraith's escorts were able to intercept every attempt to take out their transport, which was able to beam in and retrieve it's specops team, who did significant damage to Spectre's infrastructure.

In the next encounter between Spectre and Wraith, Spectre will be unable to use cloaking technology.

ISS Fleet is up now. ISS Fleet team leader, your mission order please.

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Prez, where are you?


Sorry for the unresponsiveness - it's a long, sad story...

Anyway, I'm trying to reach Marc for verification, but I'd like to perform our fleet action on Sunday. (Saturday would be fine, too.)

It will be option 2 - System Supremacy in Treas.

I have yet to speak with Krasus, but if anyone is in contact with him, let him know. Thanks.

I'll make an official fleet order once I have it confirmed.

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This is a bit premature for me as I have plans tomorrow. Had I known about this before today, it'd be no problem. I'd be more inclined for next Sunday, November 12, 2006.

Plus that'd give me time to check with the guys.


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Yep, that would be 9pm our time, Marc. As was stated in the first post in this thread , you can go to http://wwp.greenwichmeantime.com/ to see what your local time zone is relative to GMT (including daylight saving time) and when daylight saving changes occur (you can even use it to correct your clock to the nearest second).

This mission order has been entered in the module for November the 12th at 8pm GMT, and will be directly a ground campaign, since the space region is undefended, and for the purposes of the test season, even unoccupied planets have to be conquered in a ground campaign.

Please send the relevant low intel document to the document handlers as soon as possible.

Prepare for battle!

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Mission outcome: unsuccessful.

ISS Fleet sent too few men into the fray, and though they fought hard, the numerical disadvantage was too great a hurdle to overcome.

The Treas system remains neutral to both sides, though ISS Fleet is now stationed there.

The Map and stats modules have been updated accordingly.

Spectre Fleet Leader, your next mission order, please.

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