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BCM Beta Phase II Lockout

Supreme Cmdr

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If you were in the BCM Beta and didn't get approved for Phase II and you have v2.2.06 which expires on 02-19-01, you can download v2.2.07 (2MB) from the unsecure site.

If you hadn't patched up to v2.2.06, well then, you're screwed. Serves you right - you should have been more active and kept up on the Beta progress. This is primarily why some of you didn't make it into Phase II.

At any rate, send email to [email protected] when BCM is released, inquiring on your discount off the final product CD-ROM.

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Guest rtoolooze

S.C., I never got an email saying if I made it or not, so I don't have the new passwords if somehow I did. If not, then thank you for the time I did have. Good luck to you and the testers that made it. I will be here checking the forum till it gets released.

[email protected]

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You never registered for Beta Phase II. The thread and links were up for a day and a half. So, you're not in Phase II.

Thats what happens when you don't (a) participate actively or (B) visit the forum regularly.

Anyway, I have put up the link again and will take it down this weekend. Go and register.

WARNING: To the rest of you, if you were NOT in the Beta program and you click on that link, the following will occur:

  1. The registration entry will, of course, be deleted since your username won't match the Phase 1 database.

  2. For making me do the work of actually opening, reading and deleting your entry. I will BAN you from this website. FOR LIFE

I am not looking for new Beta registrants. So, if you weren't already in Phase I, don't bother.

So, to those of you who missed the bulletin because you can no longer access the private forum, here is the notice and link again.


To ensure that I don't miss anyone, I have decided to have everyone currently ACTIVE in the Beta program, go sign-up for Phase II. As before, I will manually approve each one.

  1. Members of the Press, Dev, Official Beta and CAT teams should NOT sign-up because you already have master accounts to use.

  2. If you were selected from the public, back in November 2000 and have been in the program but have not been active, there is a VERY GOOD chance that you won't be approved for Phase II. I am looking for people who have actively participated in some capacity or another.

  3. It is now 02-22-01 and the registration is now open. It will close on the morning of 02-26-01. So, if you don't register between now and then, you are NEVER getting in.

    This is the second and final call!

  4. Be CERTAIN this time, that the username you use to post in the forum, matches the username you use in the registration. Any deviation from this, is a sure fire way to NOT get approved. You can make the password whatever you like. I don't care.

  5. Once registration closes, the passwords for the FTP site, this private forum and other secure site areas, will change. If you cannot log-in to the Beta home page, nor this forum on Wednesday, it means that you didn't make the cut. You can still chart the progress of the beta by reading the GNN news briefs, press previews etc. I will also be mirroring theVCF over at an unsecure section of the website. So, bookmark it.

So, go to the BCM Beta Phase II Sign-Up page and register.

[This message has been edited by Supreme Cmdr (edited 02-22-2001).]

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