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O.o I don't get why now one has posted on this topic since the last time a checked a very long time ago! I'm sure there is something on this topic we can talk about isn't there? One thing I am very interested in is exactly how a BCG Battle might play out. Do all the vechs in the game spawn at the start and thats it or do we go to a certain building and use some interface to get a ship? In the same vein is it possible to disable the ability of one team to use certain ships by destroying the building which creates that ship?

Will there be a commander character that has the starbase or space station career that takes control of the over arching battle or will the multiplayer game be more shallow than that as in an all out slug fest (Which is still kool!)

Will day and night pass over the battle field or will we be forced to choose to play either a day or night map until the game is over?

Will the new kewl ships have glass bottoms that we can look out of whilst we are in transit to give us something to look at?!?!

Come on peoples lets get this thread going again, I found it very interesting !

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