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How to find your map location

To find your exact location in game, you can use the /loc, /where and /whereami commands to get your coordinates.  This can be helpful to share with other players or when submitting tickets for found bugs and suggestions.

The steps to use this feature are shown below.  Each of these commands does the same thing as the others, so pick the one you're most comfortable with.

  1. While in game, press the L key to open your chat window.
  2. Type one of the following commands into chat:  /loc, /where or /whereami.  Press Enter.
  3. Your location coordinates will be displayed in the chat window: X: xxx; Y: xxx; Z: xxx. They are not broadcast to anyone; they are only displayed for you.

Your coordinates are also copied to your clipboard as /goto X,Y,Z.  This makes it easy to paste them into a support ticket!

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