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Line Of Defense - Important Support Bulletin


Before continuing, please review the game's tech support guidelines

All Line Of Defense KB articles are listed here.


With Windows 10 out, the DirectX binaries installed with the game, are completely removed in some cases. We don’t specifically know how or why it is happening, but it could depend on the upgrade path (e.g. WIN7 to WIN10, WIN8.1 to WIN 10), clean WIN10 install etc.

Regardless, when this happens, it breaks most games, including LOD. If this happens, please read out KB68 support article for possible fixes.


If you run the game through CanYouRunIt and it tells you that your machine (e.g. laptop which uses mobile components) does not meet the minimum requirements for the game, there is no point in your running the game.

We are not going to reduce the system requirements and we can’t do anything to make it run on machines which do not meeting the minimum requirements.

As mentioned in the latest State Of Play dev blog, this is a massive game and it requires a beefy system.

The game has some performance issues because it has not yet been optimized fully. The game is in Early Access. It is to be expected. And this is mentioned in the game’s known issues section of the changelog.

We are constantly doing performance tweaks to make the game run even better on our target minimum systems; but those benefits are gradual.

We’re not going to focus on intensive optimizations at this point as we have that scheduled for the final stage of testing once everything is in place and we can focus all our attention on optimizations and various tweaks.


Most visual issues, are related to drivers. So your rig runs The Witcher 3? Oh, that’s nice. But it doesn’t mean anything.

  • If you are using old or incompatible drivers, regardless of the locale (language), the game will have visual issues.
  • The ONLY way for us to test video driver issues, and find the problem, is to know 1) the make and model of the video card 2) the driver version being used.
  • Saying “Oh my machine runs The Witcher 3” is not helpful, because it is meaningless. LOTS of games run on one set of drivers, but other games have problems on the same set of drivers. For example, nVidia released 352.86 drrivers specifically for Witcher 3. And here is an entire page of game specific drivers.
  • Running the game on a foreign OS, does present locale (e.g. German, French, Italian etc) related issues. There are games which refuse to run or just crash if the OS locale is changed.

LOD is developed for the English language and we do not support any other language or OS locale. We know that it DOES work, regardless of locale, but issues are to be expected. Once we are aware of, and can reproduce those issues, we can fix them.


If you are logging into our US based servers (located in Las Vegas) from international territories, you will run into some multiplayer performance issues.

This is why most games have regional servers. We do not yet. Once the game is approaching final release, we plan on having East and West coast US servers, as well as servers in the EU.

The latest version of the game has a /ping command which you can use to test your connection to the server. More info is on the tech support page.

For optimal performance, your ping time to the server should be 200ms or less.

You can find server status and status codes on the Server Status Page.

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