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Universal Combat CE Editions

There are FOUR editions of Universal Combat CE.


UCCE - The Lyrius Conflict 

This DLC add-on (changelog) improves on the base UCCE 2.0 2015 version.

When you install the game, if you have the The Lyrius Conflict DLC (3.0), it will be automatically installed. To uninstall it, you have to do it manually from the Steam library interface for the game.

The installer will create the desktop shortcuts automatically. If not, see the section below.

For more info on the various Universal Combat editions, see KB74

UCCE 2.0

These are the standard 2.0 files located in the install folder. Do NOT run these if you have 3.0. These are the files that allow you to revert back to this version if you uninstall 3.0 (DLC).

UCCE20.EXE // game executable

UCCE20_steam_shortcuts.exe // shortcut & docs installer

UCCE 3.0

These are the 3.0 (DLC) files located in the install folder. They are only installed if you have The Lyrius Conflict DLC. If you uninstall it, they will be removed; and the game reverts back to the base UCCE 2.0 (2015).

UCCE.EXE // game executable

UCCE30_steam_shortcuts.exe // shortcut & docs installer

UCCE 2.0 (2015)

UCCE 2.0 (2015) // Supported via DLC above. v2.00.04 | 10-11-17 is final patch (changelog) for this base version without the DLC

UCCE 2.0 (2009) 

UCCE 2.0 (2009) // No longer supported. v2.00.03 | 05-28-15 is final patch (changelog)

UCCE (2007)

UCCE (2007) // No longer supported. v1.01.04 | 02-23-09 is final patch (changelog)


The 2015 edition was free to play for a limited time only. So if you got it during the free play (not free own) period, it will still be in your Steam library and enabled. If you got it during that period, then tried to play it and are asked to pay $9.99, that means you got it during the other promotion in which it was free for a period of time only. That being the case, you would have to buy it. Being in your Steam library doesn't mean you can play it. That's not how Steam works. e.g. during free play periods, when the period expires, the title can still be in your library even if you don't own it.

If you try to play it, and you can, then you own it. And you only need to buy The Lyrius Conflict DLC if you want future updates.

If you try to play it, and you can't, then you don't own it. Then you'd have to buy both UCCE + The Lyrius Conflict. There's a Steam discount bundle if you buy both.


The last title to support multiplayer was the 2007 release of UCCE. The master server has since gone off-line, so the server browser will no longer work. You can still connect via commandline IP address. Refer to the docs for more info.

There are currently NO plans to add multiplayer to any future versions of the game.

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