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Universal Combat Editions

There are four editions of Universal Combat CE.

The 2015 Steam re-release was free for a limited time, but is now sold for $9.99. In order to continue receiving updates for it, you have to purchase The Lyrius Conflict DLC on Steam.

UCCE - The Lyrius Conflict // DLC add-on which also continues support (changelog)

UCCE 2.0 (2015) // Supported via DLC. v2.00.03 | 05-28-15 is final patch (changelog). 

UCCE 2.0 (2009) // No longer supported. v2.00.03 | 05-28-15 is final patch (changelog)

UCCE (2007) // No longer supported. v1.01.04 | 02-23-09 is final patch (changelog)

The 2015 edition was free to play for a limited time only. So if you got it during the free play (not free own) period, it will still be in your Steam library and enabled. If you got it during that period, then tried to play it and are asked to pay $9.99, that means you got it during the other promotion in which it was free for a period of time only. That being the case, you would have to buy it. Being in your Steam library doesn't mean you can play it. That's not how Steam works. e.g. during free play periods, when the period expires, the title can still be in your library even if you don't own it.

If you try to play it, and you can, then you own it. And you only need to buy the DLC if you want 3.0 and future updates.

If you try to play it, and you can't, then you don't own it. Then you'd have to buy both UCCE + the DLC. There's a 20% off bundle of both.

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