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  • DRM License Key Issues
    All of our games use some form of DRM scheme.When purchasing some retail versions of our games, the media (CD-ROM/DVD-ROM) contains your license key.  You need the media in order to authenticate and use the product. If you lose the media, you lose the product.When purchasing some of our games from...
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  • How to generate DXDIAG and MSINFO log files
    If you have been asked by tech support to submit these files, follow the procedures below to generate each one. Then attach them to your ticket response. DXDIAG Press Win Key + R to bring up the Run dialog Type DxDiag then press Enter When the log info is generated and displayed,...
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  • How to install a game patch
    MANUAL PATCH UPDATING All our games require the downloaded patch file to be copied into the game install folder and executed from there. If you execute the patch from anywhere else (e.g. downloaded to your desktop), it will not apply correctly and you will have problems. Then you will have to...
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