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  1. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: uhm, no, that was not the point. Where'd you get that impression from? I thought, since the episodes didn't overlap, that you would make the demo one piece of software expanded by each episode. That would have several advantages, first of all the smaller download filesizes. (I'll diff the directories, shall we see how many files have been downloaded twice?) In fact, I cannot see anything that should give the current mode of distribution a disadvantage over that way. Perhaps except for being a tiny bit simpler to set up. (If you're in a hurry) Had I had say, a cablemodem, I wouldn't have been complaining as much... But I don't. Besides, if the demo is one piece of software, you can have that copy installed, and still play all of the missions, etc. (With the "newest" kernel) From the filesizes it seems like something is removed from e1 to e2. Unless it is just far better packaging... In summary, I would have done it this way, because that is the best/smartest solution as far as I can see. Therefore I thought you would do it as well. Oh, and I wasn't the only one to believe it would be this way...
  2. >Originally posted by crivens: Hmmmmm, the HUD graphics flash sparodically (is that a word? it came to mind). Sporadically.
  3. Scotty, We call it a feature of windows. Called "random error message syndrome". Appears for no reason, exactly once, never seen again, and of course noone else you talk to have ever experienced it. You did try to start it twice in the beginning, didn't you? In your case the reason could have been exhausted swap space though.
  4. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Commander: PLEASE don't tell me you tried to install E2 over E1, because that just won't work. E2 does not require E1 at all. Uh? I thought this was some of the point. I mean, Install ep1. Then, install ep2. At which point the files that had been changed between episodes would be updated. The rest of the files, (that were common for both episodes) would come from ep1. Besides, that would let me have the first missions with the new kernel. (which, as far as I have gathered, aren't included in ep2. Note that at the time of writing I'm still waiting for the download.) You see, I'm on a modem. Alternates (of any notable better speed) aren't available here yet. How many hours would you have saved me? How much on the telephone bill? (ugh!)
  5. quote:Originally posted by Cmdr Nova: >MaHuJa, Um, if it's still crashing, well, check again for "release" drivers, not "beta" drivers. I got the latest recommended (release, I hope) drivers directly from the manufacturers. Didn't solve a dam*##%%!& >www.cnet.com has a checker for drivers, and any other program updates for windows. Go to cnet.com and look for Catch Up. edit, find , "catch up". result: "Finished searching document." nope. And right now I cannot be bothered to look through their whole site. >(update): Hey, since you've got IE and WinMe, then you should get online, open IE, and go to tools->Windows Update to open windows update for some download fixes. Look for a microsoft virtual machine and download all the critical updates. All I get is a blank page. I hope the problem disappears as e2 gets installed, but I'm not so sure it will. BCM isn't the only game that CTDs - but it is the only game where there is a single thing common to all the crashes.
  6. I have one other thing about my problem. I only crash to desktop when the last part of the explosion (the removal of the object?) begins. Had it not been for this problem I would have been sitting a lot more with the demo.
  7. www.navalwarfare.net "Warship DataBase - Advanced Fleet Command" There are many things they have done that IMO cripples it. Soooo many things they have decided in their DB design that I disagree with. AND they try make sure noone can even look at their database, much less change it. btw, make sure you get both patch AND database, or you're screwed. Myself, I'm waiting for sub command. I know those navalwarfare.net guys are gonna put their paws on it, but I hope they don't wreck it just as heavily. Oh, they've done some good stuff too, but IMO the "bad" stuff outweighs it.
  8. quote:Originally posted by Joaquin: Underwater radio communication is currently being used at Extremely Low Frequencies (ELF). See Extremely Low Frequency Communications Program If you own a copy of jane's fleet command, and you have installed the "warship database" + patch, you can get a taste of it. Submarines suddenly became usable in FC
  9. While bored, waiting for ep2, I've been looking around in the files. Today I looked at soundfx/officers/re.zip Many sounds are much like "this is" - what would make it play that in the game? Some keypress while having something targeted?
  10. Another workaround is that you turn off the intro video in the ini file. (I'm assuming a lot of things here, since you never told what circumstances. I assume at once when you start it?)
  11. On another note, I usually think of interceptors (I'm talking bc* now) as a bit too costly for sending into battle... perhaps I'll send them out as a last resort sometime... It might be different when I don't have the farthest clue on how to spend some gigacredits though. Only real reason for me wanting a carrier would be the research bay, and the cloaking system.
  12. quote:Originally posted by aramike: Here's my take: you all are right, the stations do seem a tad too weak. However, if realism is your goal, interceptors are a tad too strong. A single, well placed missile should take one out - at least send it out of control. Uuhhh... I usually consider interceptors (and fighters) rather weak - not just in bc*, mind. Unless you can flood a target with them, they're often toast. (With pilot meat in them, at that.) That applies to bc3k, bcm, homeworld:cataclysm, and every other game I've played not having fighters as your main craft.
  13. Just a couples oopses in my last post... #1 >doesn't have to mask you, but it may make it more difficult to see you I mean, make it more difficult to detect, but perhaps not impossible? Once you get close enough you find, but got problems getting an exact fix... > If you enter the water in BCM, you've laid the big egg. With your capship... >Just not "underwater radar" - name says not. For those who didn't know: RAdio Detection And Ranging Never heard of underwater radio except as a dream - so far at least. Instead other methods are used.
  14. quote:Originally posted by Epsilon 5: SWWEEEEETTT!!! AWESOME! HEE HEE! Now where is that demo ep2? Enough screen shots, I want to try it! Let me guess... He's currently not bothering with the demo because he's running out of time for the gold release... Close enough? quote:Originally posted by MaHuJa: Will going underwater have sensor effects? quote:Originally posted by hindot: Does the water mask u from sensors? That came a bit late, didn't it? Besides my question leaves a bit more room - I mean - water doesn't have to mask you, but it may make it more difficult to see you (visually and on radar) and perhaps bend sight (and other EM based detection systems?) like normal water does - so you seem to be placed elsewhere. Anyway, that's a discussion to spare for GCO - because If you enter the water in BCM, you've laid the big egg. hmm.... SC, how do you plan to make it underwater? I mean, submarines don't have visual (or radar) except over the surface... below they only have their sonars... I guess the main screen could have a "synthetic" picture created from what's known of the surroundings? (much like bc3k claimed to have...) Or have we invented new sensors by the time? Just not "underwater radar" - name says not.
  15. Will going underwater have sensor effects?
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