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  1. Hey Aramike! How have you been?
  2. It's good to talk to you again, indeed life has been busy for me as it is for all of us! Hope you all had a great holiday season but now I guess it's off to another year of the daily grind. Work and home projects have consumed most of my time but for the most part things have been going well. I see you are as busy as usual from some of the posts I have read.
  3. It has been a while, just wanted to stop by and say hello and wish all in the community a Healthy and Happy New Year! I especially want to reach out to Derek and the rest of the old crew, many of which I have lost touch with over the years. With both of my kids in college you could say life has been very busy for me (not to mention costly). Again, have a great New Year! Gordon
  4. Remo, Please accept my condolences to you and your family and to the families of your daughters friends. Your daughter will be in my thought and prayers. Gordon
  5. Congratulations Gummy! That was a nice Christmas present, glad to hear mom and daughter are doing fine! Now what ever you do don't blink for the next 18 years, time goes by so fast that you'll want to cherish every minute of it. Again, Congratulations to you and your family! Gordon
  6. quote: Sorry, my english is not as good as yours, and I have not the capacity to be so funny with my trouble as you. There is no place in my post where I am making fun of your problem so lets not go there. How could you say it's a problem with the software when you yourself said that you've been playing the game for a year on a Win98 system. I have been running this game on my WinXP system and it does not crash when I start the game so it's not a software problem. I just checked your system profile and you still have not provided us with any important information regarding your machine, without it you're on your own. Software emulation programs are known to cause problems with some games, did you try to disable it and see if the game will run? Do a search of these boards and you will find those that were running such software and what they did to resolve THEIR problem. Again, without you providing us with your COMPLETE system specs you will not find help from anyone, we are not paid to help we do it of our own free will. Based on your last reponse to my post I'll will not be providing you with any additional help, your on your own unless someone else wants to help you with YOUR problem.
  7. First off your system specs are missing way too much information for anyone willing to help you. I would suggest that you finish filling out your system specs so we can all see what drivers you are using. Also have you read the troubleshooting FAQ provided with the game? I have a funny feeling with the vague description that you gave in your post that your problem is this; quote: Q. I just bought a new system that came with winXP Service Pack 1 and the game won't play the intro or explosions A. With the September 2002 update to Windows XP (known as Service Pack 1), Microsoft is no longer distributing any version of the Indeo codecs with its operating system. This only affects users with new PCs that are shipping with Windows XP Service Pack 1, or clean installs of Windows XP SP1 on an older system. Installation upgrades of SP1 and the use of Windows Update does not remove existing Indeo codecs from your system. Microsoft have a fix via their KB 327979 article. If that does not work, you could try downloading and installing the 5.1l legacy Indeo codec AT YOUR OWN RISK! That of course was taken directly from the FAQ and is just a guess since as I said your System profile is incomplete and your post is very vague. I could keep guessing until I'm blue in the face but you guessed it, I'm not about to do that. If you have not read the FAQ then I would suggest that you start there and try all steps pertaining to your machine. If after doing all of the above you still can't get it to work come back here and give us more details including all of the things that you have tried. Again, since the only information that you have provided is a switch in O/S from 98 to XP make sure ALL of your drivers are updated to the latest available for your rig.
  8. Happy Belated Birthday Papi, I hope you had a great day! Here's wishing you many more!
  9. I can host TS, it will show up as Prime Fleet East. Those that have never been on my server need to send me a PM and I will give you the password. Marvin, just let me know in EST what time you plan to start and I'll make sure it's set up before then.
  10. I'm here and I would hope you know my UC status.
  11. IMO first off we need to stop calling it a scenario it's really Rules of Engagement (ROE). If someone writes a ROE and gets two fleets interested in playing it then I can see no reason why not. This does not mean that the rest of the fleets have to endorse it or play it for that fact. The critical issue is that ALL fleet leaders agree on a point structure. This is to prevent stats from being lopsided due to different ROE point structures. The only 2 real problems I see with Zane's post is that he has made public, information that is still in the testing phase and is the property of Prime fleet, he has since corrected this after he was told to do so. From all the testing we have done I can tell you that Zane's ROE would work but still needed to be tested and refined accordingly. That does not mean I would be interested in playing his ROE as I agree fully with Marvin's posts to this topic. Anyone that plays MP now, knows that Marvin knows a lot about the MP world. The second problem is that he did not get an endorcement from his fleet CO and the fleet CO of a hostile fleet to his race before posting. Prime's ROE was handled back channel with the fleet leaders of the Insurgents and refined as necessary to meet our goals and objectives. Once we had our initial talks we then tested the ROE and after tweaking it both fleets endorced it. IMO that should be a requirement for any ROE that is written for the game. The only other players that our ROE were shown to were other fleet leaders and beta testers, until the Fleet leaders meeting where non- fleet leaders first got to see it. So if Shingen and TDH want to engage the ISS using Zane's ROE I see no reason why not as long as we all agree on the point structure for any ROE. Remo is finalizing a data sheet on point awards that I'm sure he will send to each fleet leaders for comments, revisions and finally sign off.
  12. As of 2:30 EST Thursday 8/12/2004 the following members of Prime Fleet have not reported in and will be removed as per SC's instructions on 8/15/2004 unless they check in before this date. Trainee Warhero Trainee Jstuart Trainee Riker Trainee Underlord Trainee Krys Cadet Mahzel Cadet Cavelle Rogers Cadet Azariah Cadet Machitis
  13. quote:Originally posted by Shingen What was the final score, and who won? Final Score would have been Insurgents 50 - Prime 25 and Partik Vanda would have received 25 points on his personal record for the only kill during the shortened session.
  14. I think I know why; His profile states the he is using DirectX 9.0b when the VCF clearly states that you must run the newest version 9.0c
  15. Don't know what to tell you I tried SP right after reading your message above and had no problems running the game.
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