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    hmm....BC, Star Wars, sci-fi in general, good movies, David Fincher, Natalie Portman, and Britneys Spears' twins :)
  1. Pyro Penance

    Microsoft to purchase North America

    I don't dislike them because of there success, I dislike Microsoft for it's tactics in securing the console market as another one of it's monopolys. I'm any but anti-capitalism, but there's more to capitalism than just who's got the biggest wallet. It's who's got the best product, and with Microsoft buying everything in sight it's limiting developers and preventing them from making the best product possible. Capitalism at it's best is the PC gaming market. Good games sell well (for the most part) there are ups and downs and controversy and some times bad things happen (LGS closing) and sometimes really good things happen like that Derek can create BCM without execs constantly looking over his shoulder. I'm hoping that not everyone will be bought and become corperate slaves but the way things look now who knows... [This message has been edited by Pyro Penance (edited 10-23-2000).]
  2. Ok, Microsoft is really getting on my nerves now. I already despise Windows and all it's PC related "software", or as I like to call it "c**pware", but now there going too far. To ensure that X Box be a success they are actually buying out developers to make games for them. First with Bungie, which drove me to more than a few acts of terrorism and now Infogrames so X Box could have exclusive rights to the Oddworld series. As much as Microsoft I'm pissed at the all the companys being bought. They are all sell outs that give in with out even a second thought as too wheather or not it's beneficial to their games. Infogrames said that X Box's better graphics and sound were why they choose to sell their soul to the devil. Do they actually expect us to buy this? Now their not just sell outs but cowardly sell outs. I hated Sony because of their dominance of the cosole industry and the fact that they didn't even make any games themselves, now I'm starting to admire there faire business dealings with Microsoft out there leaving their trail of cash. You'd think that with all the lawsuits against Microsoft for it's monopoly that they'd slow down, guess not.
  3. Pyro Penance

    New BCM shots

    I'm gonna go out on a limb and say those shot are impressive. Impressive as in say the size of universe compared to a shoe box. ------------------ Cmdr. Pyro Penance ICV- Chrono Spectre Fleet
  4. Pyro Penance

    Spectre Web Site

    Ya, I'm here, busy as hell but I'm here. ------------------ Cmdr. Pyro Penance ICV- Chrono Spectre Fleet
  5. Pyro Penance

    Star Trek: Elite Force Demo

    I've got the full version and I love it, and I don't even like Star Trek! The only reason I got it was because I heard so many fantastic reviews. I beat the day I got it but it was so much fun I didn't really mind. The fact that you spend alot of the game with other Hazard team members fighting along side you really sets this apart from the rest of crowd. I highly recommend this to any FPS fan.
  6. Pyro Penance

    BCM Product Info updated

    Some games are changed significantly between countries. I know that the Tomb Raider game's puzzles were dumbed down when they came over to the USA because of all us "stupid Americas" Maybe somebody should tell Eidos that we bitched about the puzzles because they weren't any fun and completely un-creative (If I ever have to pull another lever in an "adventure" game again I'm gonna snap!). Speaking of puzzles, Sanity has some great imaginative and logical puzzles. Oops, wrong forum
  7. Pyro Penance

    Spectre Fleet Meeting Time

    Ok, what'd I miss? I've been stuck in a black hole for the past week. Now I'm lost. So when are we gonna have a meeting? ------------------ Cmdr. Pyro Penance ICV- Chrono Spectre Fleet
  8. Pyro Penance

    Homeworld: Cataclysm

    Hehe, I've seen some Battlestar Galactica, it's pretty cool. Cool story and everything. Starbuck is by far the coolest character on that show, Apollo is a pansy. The cylons were cool but I got a headache sometimes when they talked a lot. ------------------ Cmdr. Pyro Penance ICV- Chrono Spectre Fleet
  9. Pyro Penance

    Spectre Fleet Meeting Time

    Hiyo! 3:00 saturday isn't good for me, anything later, like 5:00 or 6:00 would be better. ------------------ Cmdr. Pyro Penance ICV- Chrono Spectre Fleet
  10. Pyro Penance

    Homeworld: Cataclysm

    I don't see what you mean "more trouble than it's worth"? The interface (or lack there of) is brillant. And everything released about the game is in there, even the screen shots were directly in game and not doctored. (that's that whole "no hype, all game") What's so good about it is that it's a RTS in space! And it pulled it off flawlessly! In space! A few years ago people would have laughed at the idea. Whatever, I don't get what's so great about Diablo, or any Blizzard product for that matter. Now Extreme Bullriding, there's a quality game! ------------------ Cmdr. Pyro Penance ICV- Chrono Spectre Fleet
  11. Pyro Penance

    Movie Night - The way of the gun

    Haven't seen it yet, but it certainly looks entertaining and seems to have a cool style to it, like Swingers. Maybe I'll go check it out tonight if I can find a ride. Nurse Betty is supposed to be really good too, but it's not really my type of movie. EDIT: Well, I just got back and it was really good. Alot different from what I expected, I thought it was going to be a comedy, boy was I wrong. One thing I noticed was the lack of dialogue in alot of scenes and how it depended on pure direction and cinematography to tell the story. This movie really takes advantage of being a movie. The gun scenes were wicked intense and were far more entertaining than any of the gun fights M:I 2. I give 3 1/2 out of 4, some of the plot elements were a little confusing at times. [This message has been edited by Pyro Penance (edited 09-09-2000).]
  12. Pyro Penance

    Homeworld: Cataclysm

    Ok, I have to correct a few things I said earlier. The music is better than Homeworlds. While some of it isn't a lot of it a so much better that it more than makes up for it. The intro rocks, like intros have never rocked before. Also, it's alot more complicated than HW, with it's commands and funtions, but in a good way. It adds alot to the experience. And one last cool note, they got back the same guy to narrate the cutscenes, which I think is cool. Ok, back to "The Cataclysm" ------------------ Cmdr. Pyro Penance ICV- Chrono Spectre Fleet [This message has been edited by Pyro Penance (edited 09-02-2000).]
  13. Pyro Penance

    Homeworld: Cataclysm

    Buy it. Now. I've just begun to scratch the surface of this game and it's already impressed me vastly. The ships are so detailed, not just with the textures but with the architecture too, I could stare at the mothership all day. Great music, it's different than Homeworlds but still great. Improved gameplay, like time compression thingy, and some other things are kind of hard to explain. Tons of new ships and ugh, I could just go on forever... Simply, the best RTS I've ever played and I'd expect that everyone here would just love it. Buy it. Now. ------------------ Cmdr. Pyro Penance ICV- Chrono, Spectre Starstation (Antis) Spectre Fleet Fixed your sig Pyro. Sorry Pyro, no more personal quotes. You have also not listed your launch base behind your ship's name. But assuming you have a BC that would be Spectre itself as BC's can only launch from Starstations. [This message has been edited by Charles Lindsey (edited 09-02-2000).]
  14. Pyro Penance

    Division of Spectre Fleet Assets

    Sorry but that's a real bad time for me, something like 7 or 7:30 would be better. ------------------ Cmdr. Pyro Penance Spectre Fleet ICV- Chrono "Don't hate me because I'm different than you, hate me because I'm better than you."
  15. Pyro Penance

    Division of Spectre Fleet Assets

    Reporting in as ordered. One question, where are these weekly meeting held? ------------------ Cmdr. Pyro Penance Spectre Fleet ICV- Chrono "Don't hate me because I'm different than you, hate me because I'm better than you."