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  1. Vixef, That should work. I think you can also use deactivate if you want to reactivate later. This will do for now. Creating the transition from space bound SFM to guest allows for a wider range of possibilities for as story. Thanks, Joaquin
  2. Reinstalled and patched UC up to 2.00.30. Reran the script above using jump BC and I got a 0.00 speed when I selected the SFM and hit f10. AI functions for the ship actors on the previous and this install are working well. I got jumped by a Garid when I neglected to turn autogen off and had to defend or be destroyed. The only thing I can think of is that I am running a minimal system a Biostar 6100 board with 756MB. The specifications are in my profile. However, as I wrote above all other ai actors including the scripted ones on the original script I was modifying seem to function nicely. Tried the DOCKWITH suggestion rewritten so it would work and the SFM converted from intercept to RTB but did not vanish. Vixef . :101,pravisz,setup_m1,begin_m1,resolve_m1,tick_m1,1,1440,1 # [dynamic] terran military,5,marine_1stlt,MARINE_SFORCE.3D,FstLt_Smith [ai] .marine_1stlt,100,100,100,100,100,100,0 start inactive near centron 100 polaris1z^flx-07 stop events 101 !begin_m1 activate this # escort bc # relocate this near bc fleetcmd on # rtb bc jump bc !tick_m1 IF HERE BC 500 THEN DOCKWITH BC vanish ENDIF endevents # $ Vixef could you try the above listed script and report back with your results.
  3. I must have a bad install or something. I gave the SFM a jump bc instead of navigate using the script above. Then manuvered the CC until it was within 0.0 distance. I jumped out of the CC flew to the SFM and it doesn't move. The character will track the CC when I move the CC but it won't budge toward it.
  4. Vixef, I can't find any way to get the SF_Marine to move other than relocate. I also don't see a SF Marine Instant Action Scenario. I don't think it is possible to get SF Marines to do anything but float in space. Joaquin
  5. Thanks for verifying Navigate wasn't a valid command for a character Derek, Your answer on navigate command was clear however, my response was an attempt to correct your assumption that I had used a BCM script as an example. Thanks Vixef, I reviewed the VCF for UC and I see what you mean. When I finally get the SFMarine to move I'll try it.
  6. Hi Derek, This is the script I am trying to use for UC which is why I was trying navigate. Joaquin
  7. Thanks Vixef, The script I am modifying worked well in BCM. I'll take another look at the manual but I didn't see any special mention about scripting SFM's in space so I would assume they have the same characteristics as the other space based actors. To test I am running a bare bones ACM with just the SFM and the Navigate doesn't work. Here is the script. # [dynamic] galaxian diplomat,,ghq,probe.3d,satcom [ai] .ghq,100,100,100,100,100,100,1 start orbit blk05z^flx-11,5000,10,110,0 stop events !startup cloak on this invincible on this autogen ON !init_player #set_region lennenz set_region polaris1z endevents # [acm] RACE : TERRAN CASTE : MILITARY CAREER : COMMANDER CRAFT : MEGARON HEAVY CARRIER . CAMPAIGN DESCRIPTION GOES HERE . :101,pravisz,setup_m1,begin_m1,resolve_m1,tick_m1,1,1440,1 # [dynamic] terran military,5,marine_1stlt,MARINE_SFORCE.3D,FstLt_Smith [ai] .marine_1stlt,100,100,100,100,100,100,0 start inactive near centron 100 polaris1z^flx-07 stop events 101 !begin_m1 activate this navigate this bc endevents # $ Thanks, Joaquin
  8. Hi again, I am continuing to get acquainted with scripting UC. AI accuracy appears to be higher in UC than BCM. At the moment, however, I can't seem to get a space force marine actor to manuever in space. Tried Dock, Dockwith, and Navigate to BC. Got it to indicate BC as target but it would not move towards BC with Dockwith. No movement whatsoever. It does react to enemy aircraft by raising weapon. I could use a hint. Thanks, Joaquin
  9. Thanks Vixef, I don't remember seeing that in the GBSIII instructions. It still references loading the files into a SCRIPTS folder. Now I can get on with reacquainting myself with this system.
  10. Hello all, I've been getting back to scripting but can't seem to get my script to show up in campaign mode. I installed the latest GBSIII from the downloads page (created August 06, 2005). I am running UC 2.00.30. I named the script using the CMDR_CXXXX naming convention and placed all the appropriate files in the SCRIPTS file of GBSIII. I also created a SCRIPTS file in the UC run directory. I have a feeling I am probably missing something basic but after searching this topic area and reading the manual I haven't found an answer. I'd appreciate some feedback to get me back on track. Thanks Joaquin
  11. Hi all, DeVry is looking for professors to teach courses for the "Game and Simulation Program" in the online and/ or campus environment. http://www.devry.edu/programs/game_and_sim.../objectives.jsp The GSP program is a serious attempt to develop programmers that can handle the mathematics and physics required to program in this field. We are teaching the basics of game engine and game programming. To give you an idea of the level we are using "Software Engineering for Game Developers" by John P. Flynt as one of our textbooks. Although DeVry requires a M.S. I have seen ads at that individual campuses that indicate more flexibility on the educational requirements (B.S. required) as long as there is extensive experience. See: http://www.devryinc.com/careers/ Click on "Search Current Opennings". Leave defaults as they are and use "game" in the "search words" box. DeVry typically hires from industry and we require that every starting professor go through our training program on how to teach at the campus and online ( two different methods required ). This would be a good way for someone who has a strong interest in teaching to develop an alternate revenue stream or change their career path. Thanks, Joaquin
  12. Please ignore the previous request. I took a closer look and found that there are enough landscapes within mission zones to meet my needs.
  13. I'd like to take advantage of some of the more rugged landscapes on different planets. Some of the planets do not have explicit missions zones. There is a description about placing actors in the GBS II docs. That description and the commands all reference a mission zone when setting location on a planet. Is it possible to place actors on planets that have no mission zones? Is there a default mission zone that can be used in those situations? Thanks
  14. Right. Forgot to add I'll e-mail it to whoever is interested. Contact me via private message.
  15. The player is a commander on their first mission after being placed on probation. See how many experience points you can get.
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