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    Crackle Be sure to check out....Star-ving With David Faustino and Corin Nemec as a couple of down on their luck actors. It's hilarious
  2. To Kalshion and DarkNSF
  3. I viewed the first episode and thought it was going to be another yawner. So, I gave it a fair chance and watched a couple more and it has started to interest me. Will see where it goes from here. Ya gotta love HULU
  4. Ronald Reagan once said , " The nine scariest words in the English language are; We're from the government and we're here to help" That says it all for me. Like everything else the fed sticks their fingers in.... It will be majorly FUBAR! They use no logic or common sense. It might be time to unfurl the banner... VIVA La REVOLUCIONE! and take our government back from the greedy self interests of lobbiests. There once was an item in the Bill of Rights that prevented the fed from competing with the private sector It seems they have forgotten that.
  5. I heard that it was removed from C&C 4 At least EA isn't totally brain damaged.
  6. Update on Ubisoft' latest debacle... aka OSP DRM.... It turns out that the reported DDOS attack on their authentication servers was a LIE! There was no attack. It was merely their clumsy attempt at implementing the new Ball and Chain DRM systems. The hardware couldn't handle the load of literally thousands of Assassins Creed and Silent Hunter fans trying to play their "single player" games. Probably all on the same server I would bet. The fan base is pissed! Understandably so. There are still ongoing problems as of this date. I can understand Ubisofts' position. It's only fair that they collect on their IPs and throw up the old middle finger at the software pirates. Most of which are likely to be Asian. A market they don't sell in. But it also gives the finger to the honest gamers that don't have an always on internet connection. Gamers like travelling business people. Soldiers and sailors on deployment, just to name a couple. It also fingers the gamers fair use rights by preventing you from selling the license to someone else. Or loading onto a laptop for portable gaming at the lake. File it in the dumbest idea of the twenty-first century folder. Because they can't guarantee that their end of the bargain will always be there. Something that is missing from the requirements list on the box. It only states "broadband internet connection is required." So, if Ubi or any other publisher wishes to commit corporate suicide, I say let the lyiing bastards do it . We're better off without them. EA figured it out. The publishers of Rise of Flight figured it out. They dumped their OSP DRM schemes poste haste. Ubisoft could have used the same authentication process that Microsoft uses with their software. Check the license during updates and disable it if it isn't kosher. Oh, wait Ubisoft doesn't fix what they sell. Disregard
  7. A SF pilot you say? Everything you need to know about Tacops is in the manual. Not the keyboard sheet, the manual. I beta tested BCM and from the description of your problem I am clueless as to what you are talking about. Take a longer look at the manual is all I can suggest.
  8. Dragon Age is the shiznitz. Mass Effect wasn't bad either. Neither of those titles had bugs. At least none I could find. Every Ubisoft title is released half finished. Full of bugs. And with no fixes in sight. Little if any support. Mostly garbage disc filler. And now they are using this new DRM without the needed infrastructure to properly service it. DO NOT BUY games from Ubisoft.
  9. Scutt;ebutt has it that the pirates have already cracked the new DRM and are happily playing SH V offline, One must wonder who the hell is running Ubisoft? Lars Ulrich?
  10. I'm with you there, Kal, but getting rid of software pirates isn't exactly something your average Joe Gamer can do. I don't download pirated anything for the same reasons you don't. I have yet to find anything on this planet that is worth stealing. Still, software piracy is not something you can combat by punishing your paying customers that don't have a 24/7 internet connection. Even the ones that do have internet can't play the games because Ubisoft pinches pennies on their servers and the employees that run them. Requiring the disc in the drive is more sane than this new garbage. I can sum it all up in three words.... Dumb Retarded Moronic Goodbye Ubisoft
  11. What a shame. Ubisoft is so afraid of software pirates that they are scuttling the boat. I guess if you sink your business, you don't need to worry about a few pirates stealing your IP.
  12. That is a possibility. Microshaft has been trying to turn every PC out there into a console for quite a while now. If Ubisoft wants to go strictly console, then they should stop publishing PC games. Only one problem with that idea... Most of their console offerings are shovelware. They even admitted to producing shovelware for the Wii. I don't think Sony will put up with that kind of crap. Microshaft might, if they throw enough ad money at them. If it really is a ploy, they're failing miserably. I have a PS 3 and I'm not too keen on playing games bearing the Ubishaft "Black Hole" logo. They are rip off artists and I have chosen not to help finance them. I'm glad I didn't run right out and buy Silent Hunter V the search for more Das Boote money. At the moment, the Ubisoft web presence is non-existant....citing some kind of security problem. Probably a continued Ddos attack from all the Germans they pissed off.
  13. Ubisoft releases Silent Hunter V with a new form of DRM that requires an internet connection to play single player. Pretty much thumbing their noses at travelling Laptop owners and everyone else without internrnet access. The first few days after release, Ubisoft suffered several days of a DDos attack on their servers that rendered the new title totally unplayable for everyone that shelled out the sixty bucks to buy it. As is usual for Ubisoft, the game was released with a myriad of bugs and blatant omissions. They have taken anti-piracy to a whole new level with this internet only DRM scheme. The scuttlebutt on their forums has not been pretty. Complaints have ranged from a useless manual to a clunky user interface and I can't figure out how to drive my sub because I'm using the manual to level a table. Assassins CreedII will use the same DRM. This is all ramping up to their new Uplay idea. They want to be like Microsoft's Xjunk Live and Sony Online Entertainment. So far, they look to compensate their customers for this latest debacle by offering them Uplay points to spend on downloadable content. A useless gesture if the Chaos Club continues to attack them. It has also been reported that all of the Collectors Edition copies of SH V sold in Germany had to be recalled for illegal symbols being found in the printed materials. Germany has a distinct aversion to Swastikas. I swore off Ubisoft products after the last two Sub simulator games were released in beta form and sold as complete, working titles and then abandoned. Silent Hunter III and IV would have gone the way of the Dodo if it weren't for selfless fans modding them into great titles. The same thing is happening with V It's a pretty sad state of affairs when you depend on your paying players to debug, finish, and fix your games. The only reports in the good category for SHV have been the graphics. Derek, maybe you could give Yves Guillemot a call and let him in on the secret.... "Graphics do not a good game make" and " Ball and chain DRMs won't stop software piracy" His answer to under performing sales is "Throw more advertising money at it" IMHO, the only games that should require an internet connection are MMOs. Not stand alone single player games.
  14. Unexpected I must say. Will you be relocating to pheonix? What does the future hold for 3000 AD? You know who to call for beta testing, right? Good luck with the new job
  15. Well, hush my mouth and call me a Daggett. Do you think they, who ever they are, will stuff it up as bad as STO? Pile on on the Cylon!
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