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    Star Trek: Away Team....?

    Has anybody seen the previews for Star Trek Bridge commander? I think the tried that type of thing before with Klingon academy and stuff and it just didn't pan out. As far as capitol class starship command goes the BC series is the only one I have played that is enjoyable to play and realistic(as I'd imagine it to be anyway.) and with BCM on the way I think they are fighting a loosing battle.....!
  2. Emmett.hendrick

    Technical Questions about laptops

    NO! Don't let them talk at all get a list of laptops from different places including prices and Specs. Sit down and work out which one suits your needs best (dependant on what you want to run of course) you'll probably find that if a laptop is strong in one area (ie good CPU and memory) they've probably skimped elsewhere. Unless you know and trust the salesman your dealing with, ignore them they are no use have very little, if any, technical back ground and usually are only thinking about how much comission they can get out of you!! Good luck...... Your GOING to need it!
  3. Emmett.hendrick


    on 4/14/2001 DeSylva Wrote _____________________________________________ TRANSPORTER #4) How does the personnel transporter work? Does it use matter dformation / reformation, like Star Trek? Or does it use hyperspace technology, like ships do? My Proposal: Exactly like a hyperspace jump, only with people. Perhaps using a Guardran field also to prevent exposing nushielded life-forms to hyperspace. ST transporters are so far from believable, they're laughable (my opinion only, of course). _____________________________________________ I found this in another thread, I don't know if the SC has adopted the ideas yet or if he even will but it might explain (if correct) why shields do not stop intruders boarding your ship even from distance. Much of the problem will depend on how ship shields function and of course the SC will have finally say in all things.
  4. Emmett.hendrick

    Taxes Done

    This is my first year doing my own tax returns we have it deducted at source in IRL except when your self employed which I now am, So like I say this is my first year doing a tax return and I'm just hoping I don't bugger it up
  5. Emmett.hendrick


    I'm afraid I have to agree and I'll probably get myself in trouble with SC for saying this but the fact that intruders can beam on board when your shields up is very annoying. By design your shields are meant to block energy discharges (among other things from hitting your ship) and borrowing heavily from ST here my understanding of a transporter is that it converts your body to energy and recombines it at another location, therefore your shields should be able to block a transporter. A boarding party is usually the last thing deployed in combat once the target ship is significantly weakened and its shields have dropped a boarding party is deployed to capture the target vessel/clean up, much in the same way that commanders will hold off deploy marines planetside until the defences have been weakened by planetary or interceptor bombardment.I am new to the BC series and have lost many a shuttle when escaped prisoners steal em but now at least I believe I can stop that, but the intruders issue is a bit thorny.... I'm going to shut up now before I get shot out the nearest airlock!!!!
  6. Emmett.hendrick

    Star Trek: Away Team....?

    Likewise I was looking at this game with some interest, I believe you can download a demo from GAMESPOT.com but its a BIG download and considering I have only a 56K dial up connection I wasn't going to try download it, so I'm just waiting for a review to pop up in a few places and then make my decision now that I have the cash for BCM stashed away nicely hidden.
  7. Emmett.hendrick

    Whats the best tactick for thaking numerous hostiles

    I have to say I'm in awe, I am a newbie I have been playing BC3000 for a while now and have clocked up some kills but NEVER in my wildest dreams would I ever be able to pull of what you guys are talking about. I am still at the stage were even on decent sized enemy ship can(and usually will) kick my ass. If I'm lucky my BC limps away BADLY damaged if not I get the lovely death screen. I have lost many commands this way, has anybody any advice or am I looking in the wrong forum?
  8. Emmett.hendrick

    New terrain shots

    Shots look cool can't wait for the game been saving hard since saw the first screens. TTFN
  9. Emmett.hendrick

    New BCM Beta shots

    Man oh man those shots blow me away the sheer impression of scale is mind blowing my hats of to SC(and the team) on this one, quietly awaiting my CD now!